Sheep Heart Dissection

Sheep Heart
Draw what you think a heart
would look like if it was sliced in
half from top to bottom
1. Look at sheep heart and describe how it compares to your drawing.
a. What is the same?
b. What is different?
2. Look at the sump pump valve, and see if you can find a similar structure
on the sheep heart. What is its function?
3. Remember the phrase “artery away.” Here’s a fact: the aorta is the
largest artery and connects to the heart. Using this information, describe
the flow of blood using the terms, heart and aorta.
4. The right atrium and left atrium are at the top of the heart, and so are the
veins and arteries. The right and left ventricles are at the bottom of the
heart. Does blood from the body enter an atrium or a ventricle first?
5. Blood coming from the muscles enters the heart deoxygenated. Where
does the blood go next to become oxygenated?
6. When oxygenated blood leaves the heart, where you think it will go next?
1.What is the major function of the heart?
2.Describe the flow of blood through the
heart using the following terms:
1.Right Atrium
2.Left Atrium
3.Right Ventricle
4.Left Ventricle
6.Heart valves