Number Lines Powerpoint - Darrick Wood Infant and Nursery School

Maths workshop –
Working with number lines
Friday 28th May 2010
Making number tracks and using them
Use of number lines to count on from one number to another
Blank number lines: 8 + 6 = 14 (counting on in ones)
Blank number lines: 8 + 6 = 14 (chunking)
Using an empty number line to count back
Using an empty number line to count up
Units, ones
Tens, hundreds
One-, two- or three-digit number
‘Teens' number
Place, place value
Number facts
Number pairs
Number bonds
Number line, number track
Number square, hundred square
Number cards
Number grid
Record, draw, show me
Resources to help children with using number lines
Useful websites
Find the number
Test the toad
Snakes and ladders
Mend the number square
Ideas to help children at home
•Jumping along a large number line
•Marking numbers on a blank number line – including starting from different places and counting
different steps
•Finding numbers on a 100 square and placing matching cards
•Making number cards and placing them in order on an empty number line
•Playing games e.g. snakes and ladders
•Counting in 2s, 5s, etc along a number line
•Adding numbers using an empty number line
Any questions?
Please feel free to look at the children’s work, resources and maths vocabulary on display.
Miss Moss and I will be pleased to speak to you afterwards if you have any further comments or