Henry VIII`s Banquet Menu Nathan

Henry VIII’s
Banquet Menu
First course
100 whole roast pigs with mustard
 3,500 spicy roast larks
 300 salted saltwater fish
Second course
1,200 roasted cockatrice (front half of cockerel
sewn onto back half of piglet)
 60 whole roasted swans with cloves
 300 eel pies with garlic purée
Third course
Venison stew with mead (made with shoulder,
flank and neck)
 Sugared lampreys
 Wild bird pie (contains live birds and small pie)
 Jelly castle
 Mead
 Spiced wine
 Sherry
 Cider
Sweets and Confections
 Sugared jumbles (knotted biscuits)
 Honeyed fruits
How is Tudor food different from
modern cooking?
Tudor water was polluted
 Rich Tudors mainly ate meat
 Food was heavily salted to stop it rotting
 Then it was flavoured with spices to disguise
the taste
What modern ingredients did they
not have?
 White bread
 Margarine
 Not much fruit
 Breakfast cereal
 Coffee
What did they use instead?
 Rye bread
 Cheese
 Curds
 beer
Any curious food customs?
You must not blow on food to cool it
 Rich people used trenchers (large slabs of
bread), instead of plates
 A Tudor feast could last for many hours
Where did ingredients come from?
 Market
 Wild food like deer
How was Henry VIII’s food different
from a poor person’s?
He ate meat
 A poor person ate vegetables, like turnips
 He ate tons of food
 A poor person would eat only a small
 A poor person would eat the same breakfast
every day (bread or porridge)
 Henry VIII ate lots of different types of meat