Carrying capacity ppt - Abingdon School Study Site

Carrying capacity
The level of use that a resource,
site or facility can support before
suffering significant deterioration.
Three types of carrying capacity.
• Physical capacity - the maximum number of people able to use
a resource at any one time. For example a theatre has a certain
number of seats. (NB throughput capacity).
• Ecological capacity - the threshold of people using a site beyond
which damage to the environment will occur. For example
eroded footpaths.
• Perceptual capacity - the level of usage at which point the
enjoyment of the leisure experience is diminished for the
consumer or host community. For example the number of
people on a beach that is “too crowded”.
• Progressively difficult to measure.
• Carrying capacity can vary due to opinion, management
techniques or the nature/fragility of a resource.
Explain why the physical, ecological & perceptual carrying
capacities will vary for Westminster Abbey, Wembley stadium, the
summit of Snowdon & Dove Cottage (Wordsworth’s home).