Talk To Me

Talk To Me
Lesson One
Taking Turns to Talk
Produced by the Riverina Schools Project Partnership, 2009
Talk To Me
• Good speaking skills are important.
• Lots of different things help people to talk
to each other.
• When we do not do these things it makes
it hard to get along.
• Today we are going to talk about turn
Turn Taking
• When we are talking to each other we
follow a pattern.
• One person talks and the other person
• If we do not take our turn to listen we can
make the other person feel bad.
I wish I could
get a word in.
What is wrong in this picture?
A.The two boys are facing each other.
B.The boys are taking turns to talk.
C.One person is doing all the talking.
Taking Turns to Talk
• When people take too many turns in
conversation, we might say that they talk
too much.
• If people do not take a turn, we might say
that they are too quiet.
Taking Turns to Talk
• When people do not take their turn to talk
it is hard to know what they are thinking.
• That can make people feel bad too.
• Let’s look at the next slide.
What is right in this picture?
Circle the RIGHT answer
A. The boys are sitting down.
B. The boys are taking turns to talk.
C. The boys are interrupting each other.
Taking Turns to Talk
• When your teacher is talking, it is their turn
to talk.
• If you want to talk, you must raise your
hand and wait.
• In groups of 3-4 sitting at your desks,
follow your teacher’s instructions to make
up a story.
• Each group is given a red pencil.
• Only the person holding the red pencil can
• Each person holding the pencil has to
make up a sentence to continue the story
that starts with....
• I was on my way to school today and I saw