Mindful Moments: How to Use Micro

CETL Presentation
October 12, 2011
Dr. Lisa Dinella & Dr. Natalie Ciarocco
Psychology Department
This presentation was based on the following works:
o Marin, A (2011, January). Using Active Learning to Energize the
Psychology Classroom: Fifty Exercises That Take Five Minutes or Less.
Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Institute on the
Teaching of Psychology, St. Pete, FL.
o Marin, A. (in press). The art of the mindful moment: How to use micro-
activities to promote learning. Accepted for publication in College
Learning. Heldref Publications.
o Marin, A. (2011). The Interactive Learning Companion for Introductory
Psychology. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education.
What was the worst lecture
that you have ever attended?
•What made it the worst?
 Attention
span is ~10 minutes
 Vision trumps all other senses
 Rehearsal & active processing of information
 Learn better when we are interested &
 Don’t Resist the Science!
May require you to cut content
Takes time to change the class
Risky psychologically
 Guidelines
for creating and using mindful
o Should only last a few minutes
o Should require the student to process the
information actively
o Students must be accountable for the end product
Minute Papers
Visual Learning
Student Interaction
Pop Culture
Critical Thinking
could YOU use it?
o Select one of the activities on the handout
to apply to a class you are teaching right
• Share with a neighbor!
with diverse teaching styles
Reinforce secondary learning objectives
o Mindfulness: We are better at this than our students!
and user friendly
Good form of assessment
o Close your eyes . . .
short, it is a reasonable risk!
have 2 minutes to summarize the
main point of today’s presentation.
• Share with the group!!!