DH2S Fuel Cell Project - International Technology and Engineering

DH2S Fuel Cell Project
Who We Are
• Students from grades 10 - 12
– Self motivated
– Different roles based on
personal interests
• Independent learning
Mission Statement
– Design and build a hydrogen fuel cell car
• Speeds over 40 mph.
• Able to accommodate drivers of any size.
• Create the most efficient alternative energy vehicle possible which
is a model for green energy.
– An Education Center
• Build Engineering skills
• Build Design skills
• Build skills for surviving in today’s business and industrial world.
– A source for information on Alternative Energy in our Community.
• Father’s Day Car Show
• CTEA Conference
– International Recognition of Our Fuel Cell Car
• China
Properties of Hydrogen
Binds easily
Very light
Rarely alone
MP is just above absolute zero
Easily ignited
Not dangerous—but must be handled
Fuel Cells
• A fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen to produce
electricity by splitting them into their component
• Only
by-product is
H2O and heat
Phase 1
“Mule” or test
bed served as the
basis for our initial
fuel cell testing.
test bed
allowed us to adjust
different aspects of
the car and the fuel
cell to suit our needs
Phase 2
A light
aluminum frame let
us conduct trial runs
Phase 3
center of
batteries for electric
hybrid operation
Most Recent Phase
Phase 4
fuel cell car
Plug-in hybrid
“all integration”—statistical
analysis and gather data
from a pit crew
40 mph on a flat 400 meter
Possible for everyone in
class to drive
48 Volt Lead Acid Battery
About the Car
• Battery system
– Four 12 volt Lead acid batteries in series to
create a 48 volt system
• Fuel cell is stepped up with a 24v-48v converter to
allow for recharging of the batteries for extended range
– Solar panel recharging station allows the car to
be completely off the grid.
• Driving system
– Two 48 volt hub motors
• Communicate
• Can achieve speeds over
40 miles per hour
Electrical Engineers
• Responsible for integration of fuel cell,
battery recharging system, and motor
• Accomplishments:
– New simplified “plug-and play” battery
– New communicative hub motor
– Integrated a fuse safety system
Current Objectives:
• Current Objectives
– Rebuild a new electrical system with
ultra light weight lithium ion batteries
• Accomplishments:
Hub motor driving system
New universal joint steering system
Foot pedal apparatus for both accelerating and braking.
Design so that any person can fit in the car and drive it with no
extra training or experience or physical specifications.
– 40 mile per hour driving.
• Current Objectives:
– Secure and modernize a new disc braking
– Design a new lighter aluminum frame.
– Analyze all components on the car for safety
when driving at speeds that exceed above 50
• Accomplishments:
– Build a complicated steel frame designed so that every member
of the class could drive it.
• MIG Welding
• Milling machine.
– Learn how to effectively TIG weld aluminum
– Gain experience using a plasma cutter for more accurate cuts.
• Current Objectives:
– Build a lighter more streamlined aluminum
• TIG Welding
• Plasma cutter
Public Relations
• Must know every detail of project
• Accomplishments:
– Toyota Road show
• Involved the entire Darien High School population
– GM Fuel cell division
• Worked with us, our students, and guests to educate our community
further about the future of alternative energy.
– Various publications
– Father’s Day Car show
• Current objectives:
– Continue to educate the community
about alternative energy so that the
popular culture can shift towards a
cleaner, more efficient energy grid and
transportation system.
Business Manager
• Responsible for all financial aspects of the project
– Reviews the budgets of the different teams
– Ensures that there is a sufficient amount of funds
• Organizes documentation pertaining to grants and donated
money • Accomplishments:
– North East Utilities grant $2,500
• Allowed for all recent innovations on the vehicle
– Best Buy $10,000 grant
Current Objectives:
– Join Connecticut Coalition of Fuel Cells
– Obtain more funding from various sources:
• School budget
• Various professional firms
• Grants
Information Technology
• Responsibilities/Tasks
– Purchase domain name
– Research html design
– Become competent with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash 8
• Current objectives
– Website must be informative
• Descriptions, diagrams
– Website must be attractive
• Pictures, animations
• www.darienps.org/dhsfuelcell/welcome_fin.html
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