Leading the Way…
Bringing the power of
project management to communities
throughout the world
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The PMI Educational Foundation
Philanthropic arm of PMI
Public charity
Uses PM for Social Good
Grant-giving Organization
Complementary Views of
Project Management
• A critical professional competency for
individuals and organizations
• Also an important life skill for youths,
adults, and communities
Leading the Way: Improving Society Through
Project Management
Helping college students realize
their dreams through education
Giving youth and communities
a better chance of success
Improving responses to tragedies
Available PMIEF Resources
Toolkit for Youth
in Project
PMI Project
for PostDisaster
Skills for Life
PM Training for
Teachers and
PMI Community
Resources &
Resources Available
A Better Prepared
Workforce of the
• Project Management as a Professional
Competency and Career Choice
• Academic Scholarships
• Student and Professional Awards
• Doctoral Research Grants
• Training Unemployed and Underemployed
• Curriculum Development Grants
Why PM for a Better Prepared
Workforce for the Future?
• Project Management is results-focused
• Employers want employees who can deliver results
• Project Management is one of the few fields
delivering people who can lead work and others
• Retirements in the project management field may
be delayed but are occurring/will occur
Future Vision
Increase Grants
Expand Awards
Expand Scholarship Program
Build Internship Program
Fund Visiting Professorships
Building a Better
Prepared Society
for Future Success
• Project-Centered Education
• Project Management as a 21st Century Skill
• Project Management as a Competency for
Teachers and Administrators
• Project Management for Schools and
Community Projects
• Educational Resources and Grants
Why Project-Based Education & PM
Training for Youth?
Students are more active and engaged in their learning
Deeper knowledge of subject is gained
Opportunity to work on real problems
School attendance is higher
Learning is through projects
US States Create State-Wide
High School Project
Management Programs
• State of North Carolina
- Creating a 4 Course PM Program
- Part of the SREB a 16 State Coalition
• Washington State
– Proposing a Project Management Framework
– Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Resources for Primary
& Secondary Schools
PM Toolkit For Youth
• Curricula
• Guide to Leadership
• Presentation Skills
• Program Development Handbook
• Power Point Presentation
Project Management for
• New Workshop
•PM for K-12 Educators
• Training Scholarships
•Classroom style
PM Skills for Life
• After School Programs or Clubs
• Scouting Organizations
• Student Competitions
• In Partnership with Youth-Based
Children International
Pilot Program Using
Project Management
Skills for Life
• Dominican Republic
• Youth Leadership Program
• Reducing Extreme Poverty
• PMIEF Volunteers & CI Staff
• Expansion to Other Countries
Future Vision
Increase Grants
Increase # of PM School Program
Increase # of Resources
Train More Teachers
Add PM Courses to Educator Degree
Better Prepared
Response in Future
Times of Need
Training Materials
Tools, Methodologies and other resources
Training of Volunteers and Staff
Training Scholarships for
Non-profits and NGOs
• Online training now available
• Includes preparation for the
CAPM® credential examination
Grants for Non-profits
• Develop contextualized training
for non-profits
• Fund workforce development
Other Grants for
PM Capability Development of
Local United Way Agencies
PMI Buffalo Chapter Volunteers
• Developed Seminar to Market PM to Nonprofits
• Available now at www.pmief.org
• Developing Practicum for PM Training of Nonprofits
• Available soon at www.pmief.org
Future Vision
Increase Grants
Increasing Number of Training Programs
PM Courses in NGO/Nonprofit Degrees
Consistent Project and Program Methodologies for
• “Project Managers Without Borders”
PMI Educational Foundation
US $1 Million+ Cash Donors
US $1 Million+ In-Kind Donors
US $100,000+ Donors
PMI Arabian Gulf Chapter
PMI Minnesota Chapter
PMI Educational Foundation
US $50,000+ Donors
PMI Baltimore Chapter
PMI Central Illinois Chapter
PMI Delaware Valley Chapter
A Cheetah Learning Partner
PMI North Carolina Chapter
PMI Nova Scotia Chapter
PMI São Paulo Chapter
PMI Washington DC Chapter
PMI Educational Foundation
Thanks the following PMI Chapters and former PMI SIGs
• PMI Arabian Gulf Chapter
• PMI Baltimore Chapter
• PMI California Inland Empire Chapter
• PMI Central Florida Chapter
• PMI Central Illinois Chapter
• PMI Central Iowa Chapter
• PMI Central Ohio Chapter
• PMI Chicagoland Chapter
• PMI Clear Lake/Galveston Chapter
• PMI Coastal Bend Chapter
• PMI College of Performance Mgmt
• PMI College of Scheduling
• PMI Dallas Chapter
• PMI Delaware Valley Chapter
• PMI Design, Procurement & Construction SIG
• PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter
• PMI Education & Training SIG
• PMI Frankfurt Chapter
• PMI Hudson Valley Chapter
• PMI Information Systems SIG
• PMI KC-Mid America Chapter
• PMI Madison/South Central WI Chapter
• PMI Manufacturing SIG
• PMI Mass Bay Chapter
• PMI Minnesota Chapter
• PMI North Carolina Chapter
• PMI Northeast Ohio Chapter
• PMI Nova Scotia Chapter
• PMI Oil, Gas and Petrochemical SIG
• PMI Orange County Chapter
• PMI Phoenix Chapter
• PMI Portland Chapter
• PMI San Francisco Chapter
• PMI Sao Paulo Chapter
• PMI South Florida Chapter
• PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter
• PMI Tulsa Chapter
• PMI Washington, DC Chapter
• PMIEF Chapter Liaison Program
•60+ chapters participating
•Communication link between PMIEF
and the Chapter
•Leverage PM for Social Good
• PMIEF Annual Fundraising Campaign
Get Involved…
Bring the power of project
management to your community!
• Publicize PMIEF products in your
• Utilize PMIEF products in your
community outreach programs
• Work with PMIEF on a program
important to your community
• Help fund the work of PMIEF
PMIEF Contact Information
Jeannette Barr
Development Manager
+1-610-356-4600 ext. 7117
[email protected]
Diane Fromm
Program Administrator
+1-610-356-4600 ext. 1128
[email protected]
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PMI Educational Foundation
Board of Directors
John Rickards, Chair
Jo Ferguson, Treasurer
Debra Miersma, Secretary
Ken Atwater
John Patton
Katherine Shawver
Ken Hartley
Pedro Ribeiro
Suketu Nagrecha
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