Hazardous Materials Jeopardy

How to make this Jeopardy game
work for your topic
• Set up your teams and have them sit together.
• Explain the ground rules
• Assign a score keeper who will watch to see
which team raises their hand first for each
question and they will also keep track of what
team wins what on the board or flip chart.
• When you’re ready to have your class play the
game, open that presentation and then hit F5
to put it into the “SHOW mode.
• Raise your hand when you want to answer. I
will call upon the first hand I see raised. You
get five seconds to answer.
• You get one answer; you cannot change or
modify it after you have given it.
• If the first team to answer gets it wrong, they
get that score deducted from their total and
then the second team that raised their hand
gets a chance to answer.
• One of the questions will read “DOUBLE JEOPARDY”.
This just means that this question is worth twice
what it is listed for.
• When all questions are complete you are ready to
play “Final jeopardy” . Before you see the question
each team must write down how much you want to
• After the question is shown, write down your answer.
You cannot change your wager $$ after you see the
• When the music stops each team reveals what their
wager was and their answer.
This JEOPARDY “template” was created by Tim
Reicker, New York State Emergency Management
Office, and made available by the Dutchess
Community College Fire Science program.
This game prepared by Past Chief Thomas Bartsch,
Valley Stream Fire Department.
No, Then let’s play
“Hazardous Materials”
“Hazardous Materials”
“Haz Mat” JEOPARDY!!!
$100 $100 $100
$200 $200 $200
$300 $300 $300
$400 $400 $400
$100 $100
$200 $200
$300 $300
$400 $400
$500 $500 $500 $500 $500
Final Jeopardy
Science - $100
The minimum temp at which a
material gives off vapor to
form an ignitable mixture and
will not continue to burn.
What is “Flash Point”.
Science - $200
The weight of a solid or liquid
compared to an equal volume of
What is “Specific Gravity”.
Science - $300
Weight of a vapor compared
to air.
What is “Vapor Density”.
Science - $400
The force exerted on the inside
of a closed container by the
vapor in the space above the
liquid in the container.
What is “Vapor Pressure”.
Science - $500
Indicates the concentration of
hydrogen ions in the material
being tested.
What is “Corrosivity (pH)”.
Containers - $100
What is a “Propane Tank”.
Containers - $200
What is a “Cryogenic Trailer”
Containers - $300
What is a “Gasoline Trailer”.
Containers - $400
What is a “Compressed Gas
Containers - $500
What are “Carboys”
Potpourri - $100
What is the “NFPA 704 System”.
Potpourri - $200
Used by first responders during
the initial phase of a Hazardous
Materials incident.
What is the “Emergency
Response Guidebook”.
Potpourri - $300
The number of hazard
What is “9”.
Potpourri - $400
Shipping papers kept in the cab
within reach of the driver.
What is the “Bill of Lading”.
Potpourri - $500
Carried by the conductor in the
caboose or engine.
What is the “Waybill”.
Hazards - $100
Living organisms that cause
disease, sickness and mortality
in humans.
What are “Biological Agents”.
Hazards - $200
Substances that injure a person
by interfering with cell
What are “Blood Agents”.
Hazards - $300
Substances that cause physical
injury to the lungs.
What are “Chocking Agents”.
Hazards - $400
Produces significant toxic gas
when it comes in contact with
What is “Dangerous Water
Reactive Materials”.
Hazards - $500
A material which ignites
spontaneously upon exposure to
air (or oxygen).
What is “Pyrophoric”.
Ops - $100
Designated areas at dangerous
incidents, based on safety and
the degree of hazard.
What are “Control Zones”.
Ops - $200
The removal of dangerous
goods from personnel and
equipment to the extent
necessary to prevent potential
adverse health effects.
What is “Decontamination”
Ops - $300
Positive pressure SCBA plus
hooded chemical resistant
clothing (splash suit).
What is “Level B protection”.
Ops - $400
The area where personnel and
equipment decontamination
and hot zone support take
What is the “Warm Zone”.
Ops - $500
Steps taken to preserve the
health and safety of emergency
responders and the public
during an incident involving
releases of dangerous goods.
What are “Protective
~ Protective Action ~
An area surrounding the incident in which
persons may be exposed to dangerous (upwind)
and life threatening (downwind) concentrations
of material.
Final Jeopardy
What is the “Initial Isolation Zone”.
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