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SHE Code 6:
Risk Management
Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Group
Who should use this
presentation & read the
updated code?
Safety, Health and Environment
(SHE) Group
SHE Code 6 – “Risk
Why do Risk Assessments (RAs) ?
RAs are one means by which those
undertaking a new, or existing, activities are
prompted to consider SHE hazards and how
they will be managed to minimise the risk of
injury to themselves or others, or indeed to the
RAs are a simple and pragmatic means of
involving all staff in safety management
There are legal duties on employers, the
STFC, and employees, YOU, under health &
safety legislation to undertake RA.
Why the Update?
Recent internal and external audits have found
that although the organisation has made
significant progress in managing Risk in recent
years, there were issues with:
The “Quality” of Risk Assessments;
Communication of Risk Assessments to those who
do the work; and
The need for a process to undertake Risk
Assessments for short tasks - while “On the Job”.
Key New Features
Explicit definitions of what STFC means by “Significant
Hazards” and “Significant Risks”
Definition of a three tier model for the management and
assessment of risk:
Mental Risk Assessment
“On the Job” Risk Assessment
Standard documented Risk Assessment
Updated and simplified duties for all in the light of these
A checklist pro forma to review the quality of your Risk
A new pro-forma and Guidance for “On the Job” Risk
“On the Job”
Risk Assessment
“On The Job” (OTJ) Risk Assessment - An
on the spot risk assessment, which many are
used to doing mentally, when changes or
additions to planned work occur, or if carrying
out a quick or last minute task. The quality of
mental risk assessments can be improved by
using a very simple pro-forma designed to
prompt the consideration of a wide range of
hazards, called an OTJ RA.
SHE Group have a supply of pre-printed OTJ Risk Assessment pads
Key points
Read the part of the Code relevant to you
Read through the “On the Job” pro forma and guidance
with your Line Manager – to see if it can help in your work.
Ensure any activity you undertake where there are
significant SHE hazards takes place under a
documented RA – existing or new activities ( including
activities undertaken at non STFC sites )
Documented RAs should be stored in SHE Enterprise.
Review Documented RAs when the activity changes or
every 2 years in SHE Enterprise.
Next steps
Don’t hesitate to contact your local SHE Group
- Mark Roberts, DL, 3283
- Matt Dickson, RAL, 5329
- or your Departmental Safety Contact
If you have questions on this presentation or Risk
Assessment in general.
SHE Group will be rolling out a programme through
Departments to prompt a review of the “quality” of all our
risk assessments, and will have updated Risk Assessment
training to support this code update.
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