In what ways did the Sepoy Mutiny change the political climate of

AIM/GOAL: In what ways did the Sepoy
Mutiny change the political climate of India?
Do Now: Write one paragraph on
British Imperialism using the following
vocabulary words: Imperialism,
colonialism, racism, nationalism
This will be collected
British India
An act of rebellion against authority!
In your opinion, why do you think
the Sepoys would want to rebel?
What does this cartoon tell you about
life in India under British rule?
It was decided to introduce the more accurate muzzle loading
Lee-Enfield Rifle. One way to speed up the loading process was
the introduction of a paper cartridge with the bullet sitting on
the exact quantity of powder needed. The loader was required
to bite open this paper cartridge to expose the powder.
The Mutiny Begins ! ….
1857 - The outbreak of fighting begins between the
British East India Company and the Sepoys.
It took over 1 year to gain control over India once again.
Why didn’t the Muslims and Hindus take this
opportunity to UNITE against the British?
Because the Muslims and Hindus were so split !
They did not like each other, nor the idea of uniting
as one. Hindus did not want Muslim Mughals to be
restored to power.
SEPOY MUTINY  Turning point
1858 - British Government takes full control of
India. This area was called “The Raj”
“The Raj” – The term used to describe Britain's
control over India between 1757-1947
They promised other Indian states would remain
free, but this promise did not hold up.
Social Class in India
In the photograph at the left, a British
officer is waited on by Indian servants.
This reflects the class system in India.
British Army
Social class determined the way of life
for the British Army in India. Upperclass men served as officers. Lowerclass British served at lesser rank and
did not advance past the rank of
sergeant. Only men with the rank of
sergeant and above were allowed to
bring their wives to India. Each
English officer’s wife attempted to recreate England in the home setting.
Like a general, she directed an army of
20 to 30 servants.
Don’t Copy
Sepoy Mutiny Fuels Racism !
“It is this consciousness of the inherent superiority of the
European which has won for us India. However well
educated and clever a native may be, and however brave he
may prove himself, I believe that no rank we can bestow on
him will cause him to be considered an equal of the British
officer” - Lord Kitchener
How did Lord Kitchener view the Indian people?
Nationalism Surfaces in India…
Nationalism: Devotion or loyalty to ones own nation.
Not only is there a separation between castes, but also a
separation between British and Indian people!
Ram Mohun Moy – “Father of Modern India” , believed
arranged marriages and caste system needed to be
Many Indians adopt western ways and call for social
Indians resent being second-class citizens in own country
Nationalist Groups Form…
Indian National Congress (1885) and Muslim
League (1905) form.
Nationalists angered by partition of Bengal
(split: half Hindu/half Muslim)
pressure forces Britain to divide it differently
Pretend you are one of the
Indian people during this
time and you work for a
1. Create a Newspaper
headline illustrating what
is going on!
2. Write 1-2 paragraphs
about the situation