To Kill A Mockingbird: Reading Journal Introduction & Chapters 1

To Kill A Mockingbird:
Reading Journal
Introduction & Chapters 1-2
• Get your TKAM folder ready.
• Get out a clean sheet of paper.
• At the top of the page, label:
“Mockingbird Journal”
Journal Entry
• On the left side of the paper under your title
(Mockingbird Journal), label today’s date:
– September 10, 2012
• This is the first entry in your To Kill A Mockingbird
Journal. From this point on, you will label each
entry with the date and heading/topic of the day.
• It is YOUR responsibility to maintain this journal.
It will be submitted after the Chapters 1-5 quiz on
September 20.
Vocabulary: Ch. 1-5
Assuage: to soothe, to ease
Benevolent: having good intentions
Malevolent: having bad intentions
Ethical: relating the values of right & wrong
Mortified: embarrassed beyond belief
Apprehensive: hesitant or reluctant, unwilling to do something
Diminutive: very small
Desolate: empty or completely deserted
Sluggish: moving slowly, dragging on
10. Aloof: not appearing to care
Video: “The Great Depression”
• The following video consists five
• Watch each segment of the video, and
then answer the questions on the screen.
• This entry follows right after your
Chapter 1-5 vocab. Please title: “The
Great Depression.”
The Depression Begins
Black Tuesday
Short Answer
• Directions: Read each of the following statements or
questions and respond in 2-3 sentences.
1. Briefly describe the event of "Black
Tuesday" and its significance.
2. Describe at least TWO key events
that lead to the Great Depression.
Welcome to Hooverville
Short Answer
3. What was a
“Hooverville?” Describe the
conditions of such a place.
The New Deal
Short Answer
4. Describe FDR’s Fireside
Chats and their
The Second New Deal
Short Answer
5. What event finally lifted the
United States out of the Great
Depression and WHY it was able to
do so?
TKAM Group Project Introduction
• Team up with your group members.
• Discuss your findings: What interested you the most?
Angered you? Surprised you? What did you learn?
(5-10 minutes)
• List the FIVE most interesting facts about your topic AND
at least one of the above topics from your group
• Create a poster that displays your information. (15-20
minutes). Make it look pretty! (colorful, pictures, use the
entire page!)
• Present your information to the class (2-3 minutes each).
Quick-Write: 9-13-2012
Answer ALL of the following questions in a
PARAGRAPH of 5-7 sentences.
Remember: you must write for the full time.
Be sure to label the heading and date. Group discussion to follow.
1. What does it mean to grow up?
2. How important are parents in shaping their children’s values
and beliefs?
3. What is the role of the community in shaping young people’s
values and beliefs?
4. How can we ensure that people are treated equally even
though they differ in race, wealth, religion, etc.?
5. What is your definition of prejudice? Does prejudice still exist
today? Explain your reasoning.
Reading Workshop: 9-14-2012
• Get your TKAM books ready!
• Immediately begin reading Chapter 1 (where
we left off, p. 4).
• Finish Chapter 1. Move on to Ch. 2, or find
something else to read.
• Review questions to follow.
• Group presentations after.
Chapter 1: 9-14-2012
Short Answer Questions:
RESTATE the question in your answer.
1. How many years older than Scout is Jem?
2. How did Scout's mother die, and how old
was Scout when it happened?
3. Who is the young boy that visits Maycomb
every summer?
4. Why do you suppose there is a whole page
on the history of the Finch family? How does
the history help the reader? (3-5 sentences).
Vocab Bell-Ringer: 9-17-2012
Use of the following words in a sentence. One
sentence for each word. Be sure to enter date
and topic in your journal.
Assuage, Benevolent, Malevolent,
Ethical, Mortified
Hint: look at your previous notes for the
US History: Civil Rights
Pre-viewing question: answer in your
“Mockingbird” Journal
• Consider the ideal expressed in the
Declaration of Independence that “all men are
created equal.” Do you think the United
States has always operated under this idea, or
have we, as a country, fallen short of this
idea? Explain in 4-5 sentences.
US History: Civil Rights
Post-viewing question: answer ONE of the following in your
“Mockingbird” Journal:
• How might America be different today if people such as
Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Robert Kennedy
hadn’t been murdered?
Explain your answer in 4-5 sentences.
• Reflect on at least ONE of the many issues that divided the
country during the civil rights movement? Were these issues
overcome? How?
Respond in 4-5 sentences.
Chapter 2: 9-18-2012
Short Answer Questions:
RESTATE the question in your answer.
1. What does the new teacher from northern
Alabama not understand about her
Maycomb students?
2. What type of people are the Cunninghams?
3. For what you have read so far, make THREE
predictions about what could happen next,
explaining the reasons for your predictions.
Bell-Ringer: 9-19-2012
• Today we will assign new numbers for the
clicker system.
• Take a clicker from the basket on your desk.
DO NOT press ANY buttons.
• Quietly await further instructions.
TKAM Ch. 1-2 Journal Entries
You will submit your journal entries tomorrow, September 20,
2012. Please ensure you submit ALL of the following items:
Chapter 1-5 vocab (10 terms) (9/10)
“The Great Depression” Video Questions (9/10-11)
Quick-Write (9/13): growing up & values
Chapter 1 Review Questions
Vocabulary Sentences (9/17): 5 total
“Civil Rights” video pre-write and post-write (2) (9/17-18)
Chapter 2 Review Questions (9/19)