Unit 4 Mastery Assignment Congress Gym Membership Directions:

Module 4 Lesson 1
Mastery Assignment
Congress Gym Membership Directions:
After a hard day of work, some members of Congress like to head to the
gym to work off some stress. They might even discuss a bill or two while
running on the treadmill. You will create a gym membership card for these
members of Congress.
Step #1- Using the information from Slide 3, you will create two gym
memberships - one for those members of the House of Representatives and
another for those in the Senate.
Step #2 - Create a table in slides 4 and 5 to include the information for your
gym membership. Include a picture to go on your membership card.
Step #3 - Take the information in the information bank (Slide 3) and copy it
to the correct membership.
Step #4 - Answer the questions on Slide 6 using the help of the
“Congressional PPT.”
Step # 5 - Save your work and submit!!!!
-US Citizen for ___ years
-Live in represented ________
Mr. Senate
-___ year terms
Gym Membership
-Maximum membership of _____.
for Congress:
Senate -Elects the Vice President if there is
no majority.
Information Bank:
Take these pieces of info and place them on
the correct “membership.”
-Introduces appropriations bills
-25 years old
(bills dealing with money)
-30 years old
-Able to ratify treaties
-Must live in represented district
-Elects the President if there is no
-Must live in represented state
-US citizen for 7 years
-Elects the Vice President if there is
-US citizen for 9 years
no majority
-Membership is good for 2 years
-Starts the impeachment process of
-Membership is good for 6 years
the President
-Only 100 allowed for this
-Holds the trial for impeachment of
the President
-Only 435 allowed for this
-Approves Presidential
-**Membership Bonus** - Franking
privilege: can send job related mail
without paying for postage!
(Your Turn)
Create Your Membership for the
House of Representatives Below
Remember to Include a Picture
(Your Turn)
Create Your Membership for the
Senate Below
Remember to Include a Picture
Answer the following questions using the help
of the “Congressional PP” found in your
“Notes and Resources” folder
- Party Whips
-Speaker of the House
-Joint Committee
Answer Bank
-Vice President
-President Pro Tempore
-Standing Committees
-Select Committees
1. Who is the leader of the House of Representatives?
2. Who is the leader of the Senate that only votes in case of a tie?
3. Who is the day-to-day leader that is the leading member of the majority party?
4. This position in Congress keeps track of voting intentions and tries to “whip up” support. --5. These committees are permanent committees in Congress that cover areas that will always be
needed. ---6. These committees have members from both the House and the Senate. --7. These committees are only created to do a specific job, and then disband when they are done
with their work. ---8. This is a special form of a joint committee that is used during the “bill to law” process to help
members of Congress agree on one version of the bill. ----
When you have finished slides 4-6, submit
it as an attachment in the submission
link following this assignment within
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