Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Toolkit Template

Internet Society’s
Next Generation Leaders Programme
The next generation of Internet leaders starts now
Presented by [Presenter name, Chapter name]
The success of the Internet was not an accident
And we cannot take its future for granted
That’s why the Internet Society invests in the
Next Generation of Internet Leaders
The next generation of Internet Leaders…
• Understand how business,
technology, and policy interconnect
• Work with many different types of
individuals and organizations across
the Internet ecosystem
• Build communities, cooperate, and
coordinate with all stakeholders
Are you one of these leaders?
What is the NGL Programme?
The Next Generation Leaders Programme:
• Integrates training and professionaldevelopment
• Identifies emerging leaders (20-40 years
old) with potential to work across Policy,
Technology, Business, and Education
• Prepares potential leaders for complex
challenges ahead
• Includes participants from all around the
world – more than 30 countries so far,
from all regions.
How is the NGL Programme structured?
•NGL blends interactive course work with
hands-on experience
•Each NGL component can be completed
separately, or in combination, depending
on your own interest
•Opportunity for NGL certification
•Advanced opportunities to recognize
high achievement and deliver local
How does the NGL help future leaders?
NGL cultivates a new generation of Internet leaders,
prepared to address critical technology, policy, and business
The NGL programme helps participants:
• Develop diplomatic skills
• Master the drivers of Internet-based innovation and
• Experience the technical development of the Internet
• Learn how to strengthen their local communities and
bring local Internet-related issues and ideas onto the
global stage
• Promote the values and principles that are the foundation
of the Internet’s success and advance an open,
collaborative, and multistakeholder Internet model
NGL key components
• Moderated eLearning course "Shaping the
Internet – History and Futures”
• Ambassadorships
• Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
• Fellowships
• World Bank infoDev Global Forum
• OECD Technology Foresight Forum
• The Next Generation Leaders Certificate
• Laureate Award projects
“Shaping the Internet – History and Futures”
Moderated eLearning curriculum, delivered by partner
• Covers essential topics for effective interactions and
relationships in Internet Ecosystem; key concepts and
emerging issues in Internet governance
• Online, interactive coursework (no travel required)
• Read and comment on materials in your own time
• Join weekly text-based chat, facilitated by a Diplo tutor
and an ISOC expert
• Concurrent courses in English and French
ISOC Fellowship to IETF
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
• Fellows attend an IETF meeting
• An experienced mentor helps Fellows build an in-depth
understanding of standards-making process
• Active involvement by Fellows capable of contributing to
IETF activities
• Fellows build personal networks with peers
• New and returning Fellows selected
• Note - no age restrictions on this NGL component
IGF Ambassadorship
Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
• Ambassadors participate in IGF meeting
• Explain and promote ISOC positions on public policy
• Contribute local and regional perspectives in workshops
and sessions
• Share experience with their home community and
• New and returning Ambassadors selected
Fellowship to OECD Technology Foresight Forum
Organization for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD)
• Fellows attend an annual event by the OECD Committee
for Information, Computer, and Communications Policy
• Fellows join policy makers, business, civil society, and
technical communities to identify opportunities for and
challenges to Internet Economy
• Well suited to those interested in impact of technological
• New and returning Ambassadors selected
NGL Certification
NGL participants graduate with an
NGL Certificate if they successfully
• moderated eLearning "Shaping the
Internet - History & Futures", and
• A Fellowship or Ambassadorship
(or demonstrate high achievement
in professional or voluntary
•Note - annual application process for
Laureate Local Impact Projects
Potential graduates can also propose a project in their
local community. The best applications will be selected for
additional support:
• Travel to an ISOC office
• ISOC staff help to refine the project
• Additional training (grant writing/media training)
• Project funding
•Laureates are high achievers, returning additional value
to their own Chapters and communities.
Meet the Next Generation Internet Leaders
Jean-Robert Hountomey, Benin (Fellow to IETF 77)
“I enjoyed participating in discussions with people as well as the opportunity to contribute in some of the areas
important to the African continent, such as IPv6, congestions, and DNS security.”
Jean-Robert is now mentoring two ISOC Togo Chapter members to prepare them for IETF participation.
Burmaa Baasansuren, Mongolia (IGF Ambassador 2009, Fellow to IETF 74, returning Fellow IETF 79)
“The knowledge and technical expertise that I acquired … helped greatly with my organization’s pilot testing of
IDN implementation and our ICT development research activities.”
Fernando Gont, Argentina, (Fellow to IETF 76, returning Fellow IETF 79 & 80, eLearning 2010)
Has authored five RFCs (two already in 2011) & various Internet Drafts
Member of CEDI (Centro De Estudios de Informatica) Universidad
Tecnologica Nacional/Facultad Regional Haedo (UTN/FRH) Argentina
Karim Attoumani Mohamed, Comoros, (eLearning 2010)
Experience from eLearning helped him secure a travel fellowship for ICANN Brussels, where he represented
Comoros on the GAC. He then established a national taskforce on ICT governance (ccTLD, IPv6, universal
Join the NGL Programme
•A flexible curriculum
•Apply for any of the NGL components
• you can participate in just one component, or combine
them to suit your interests
•eLearning course can be completed from home; all other
components require travel
•No fees; ISOC covers all expenses
•Open to ISOC members only
How can you make a difference?
•NGL is helping to create a pool of talented individuals
from around the world
• a global community of dedicated professionals with
deep local roots
• committed to the shared goal of keeping the Internet
•You can help us:
• Spread the word
• Recommend leaders
• Engage with NGL alumni
• Develop and scale the programme
Learn more
•Visit the website
•Sign up for NGL Announcements
•Contact ISOC's Internet Leadership Programmes
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Internet Society’s
Next Generation Leaders Programme
The next generation of Internet Leaders starts now…
Starting with you?