• Smaller and less massive than seven
– Ganymede
– Titan
– Callisto
– Io
– Earth’s Moon
– Europa
– Triton
• 9th most distant
planet from Sun
• Pluto crosses over
Neptune’s orbit
• Unique because
only Pluto crosses
another planets
• Nitrogen and Carbon monoxide
• Farther from Sun Pluto gets the more
frozen Nitrogen and Carbon monoxide
build up is
• People believe it is part
of the Kuiper Belt
• Interferes with
Neptune’s Orbit
• Nix, Hydra, and
Charon are the three
moons orbiting Pluto
• Charon is Pluto’s
larget moon
• Some think of Pluto/
Charon as a double
planet rather than a
planet and a moon
• 1930 by Clyde W. Tombaugh
• Found by accident
• Looking for Planet X
• Named after Greek God Hades
• God of the Underworld
• Got it’s name because it looks like it is
in perpetual darkness
• No real good pictures of Pluto
• Satellite “New Horizons” was
launched in 2006
• Should reach Pluto by 2015
No longer a planet
• International Astronomical Union
decided Pluto is no longer a planet
• Why?
– To small to be a planet
– Orbit was different than other planets
– “A planet is an object that orbits the sun
and is large enough to have become round
due to the force of it’s own gravity”
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