C. The Command to use our Gifts

Spiritual Gifts
Leverage in Living and
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Releasing The Real You
R eality of a relationship with the Father through His Son
E xpressing our unique personality in harmony with God’s
A cting upon the fruit of the Spirit
L iving out
our giftedness in life and ministry
1. What the Bible says about Spiritual gifts
2. Consider the gifts that have been given to
us as unique individuals
3. Ways to discover or affirm ones Spiritual
4. Understanding how to effectively work in
harmony with others to impact the
Biblical Basis for Gifts
A. What are Spiritual Gifts?
1 Corinthians 12: 1, 4 – 11; Romans 12:1-8
“A special qualification, granted by the Holy Spirit,
to every believer, to empower him/her to serve
in ministry.” C. Gene Wilkes
“Individualized endowments of grace from the
Father, equipping you to play a vital role in His
plan for the redemption of the world.”
Ken Hemphill
B. The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts
Ephesians 4:11 – 13
 To prepare God’s people for service
Build up the body of Christ
Create unity of faith
Provide knowledge of Christ
Develop maturity
C. The Command to use our Gifts
“Each one should use whatever
gifts he has received to serve
others, faithfully administering
God’s grace in its various forms.”
1 Peter 4:10
D. Key Biblical Principles
Concerning Spiritual Gifts
Each Christian has at least one gift (1Cor 12:7)
Each gift is given as the Holy Spirit directs
(1 Cor 12:11)
No one has all of the gifts (1 Cor 17:7, 12:29-30)
No gift is better than the other (1 Cor 12:21-26)
Each gift has the same purpose (Eph 4:12, Rom 12: 6-8)
God works through us when we exercise our gifts
Exercising our gifts helps us develop our spiritual
maturity (Eph 4:11,13)
Your gifts reveal God’s grace (Rom 12:4-8)
Reality Check
The Matter of Motive
OUR Motive
Fill a position
Accomplish a task
Keep people busy
Bring attention to ourselves
The Matter of Motive
GOD’S Motive
 Reveal Himself to us
 Reveal Himself through us
 Encourage & edify other believers
Changing Our Motive
Churches must move from a position
where people serve the structure of the
church to a position where its structure
serves the people’s needs.
C. Gene Wilkes, Jesus on Leadership
Scriptural Examples of
Spiritual Gifts
 Teaching
 Leadership
 Knowledge
 Wisdom
 Prophecy
 Discernment
 Exhortation
 Shepherding
 Faith
 Evangelism
 Apostleship
 Service
 Mercy
 Giving
The ABC’s of Gift Discovery
A. Ask the Holy Spirit for truth in your
innermost being.
• wisdom to understand yourself
• help to understand your spiritual gift(s)
• faith to accept and use your spiritual
• ability to see the needs of your local
The ABC’s of Gift Discovery (Continued)
B. Believe God’s Word when it
says that YOU are gifted.
C. Commit to move out of your
comfort zone and try new
avenues of service.
The ABC’s of Gift Discovery (Continued)
D. Discern through the affirmation
of other Christians where God is
directing you to serve.
E. Examine your motives for seeking
God’s gifts.
F. Follow the Spirit’s leading when
He reveals your passion,
your burden.
The Process of Gift Discovery
Spiritual Gift Assessment Tools
Spiritual Gifts Survey
Spiritual Gifts List
Where do you feel God leading
you to serve Him?
Using Gifts in Ministry
Strategies to assist women in finding
their place of service
1. Leadership must set an example of
Biblical service through spiritual gifts
2. Examine our motives and allow God to
give us His motive
3. Provide ongoing opportunities for Bible
study regarding spiritual gifts
4. Provide ongoing opportunities for
spiritual gifts assessment
5. Develop and implement a system
to match gifts with current ministry
6. Continually encourage women as
they seek to serve God through
their spiritual gifts
Strategies to assist women in finding
their place of service
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