Creating an Exam Using the Item Bank

 List the advantages and disadvantages of item bank
 Introduce and analyze different type of item banks.
 Investigate and demonstrate types of measures used
for various type of items.
 Describe how to search for items and build an exam.
 Items are already created
 Cannot control content of
 Items have been tied to
questions (unless user
 Mistakes in items are slow
to correct (unless user
 Limited to multiple choice
 Easy to identify cognitive
difficulty of questions
 Easy to create exams
 Exam booklet can be easily
Data Director
 5597 Items + 3117
Harcourt School
Publisher Items =8714
 Math
 Science
 Social Studies
Assess 2 Know
 18,252 items
 Math
 Science
 Each item is identified by where it falls on Bloom’s
 Each item is also identified by cognitive ability (Depth
of Knowledge).
 Level 1
Basic Skills
 Level 2
Conceptual Understanding
 Level 3
Extended Reasoning
 Level 4
Extended Reasoning
 Level 1: Basic Skills
 Involves recalling previously learned material such
as facts, events, persons, dates, methods,
procedures, concepts, principles, and theories.
 Comprehension-level standards or test items may
require students to: count, define, label list, match,
name, quote, recite, repeat, reproduce, select or sate
content information.
 Level 2: Conceptual Understanding
 Involves the understanding or grasping the
meaning of a concept or information (e.g., students
explaining an idea or concept in one’s own words.)
 Comprehension-level standards or test items may require
students to: translate, rephrase, interpret, describe,
classify, compare, contrast, estimate, generalize, explain,
give examples, infer, interpret or summarize.
 Level 3: Extended Reasoning
 Involves the process of using information to solve
 Includes – using abstract ideas, rules, or generalized
methods in new concrete situations.
 Application – level standards or test items may require
students to: apply, construct, demonstrate, illustrate,
modify, produce, show, solve or use.
People in the United States enjoy freedom of speech. This
freedom is protected by the
A. Declaration of Independence
B. Bill of Rights
C. Emancipation Proclamation
D. Articles of Confederation
Depth of Knowledge : 1
Recall of Information
This item requires students to simply recall information
from a historical document.
 In a contest, Matt threw a ball 10 yards. Brett threw a ball
400 inches. How much farther did Brett's throw travel
than Matt's throw?
A. 40 inches
B. 80 inches
C. 100 inches
D. 280 inches
Depth of Knowledge : 3
Extended Reasoning
This item requires students to convert measurements and
then compare to solve problem.
In a free market economy, the price and quality of goods
and services are most strongly affected by
A. advertising
B. competition
C. borrowing
D. regulation
Depth of Knowledge: 2
Basic Reasoning
This item requires students to understand terminology
and clarify concepts.
Under our system of checks and balances, the Supreme
Court can limit the power of both the Congress and
the President by
A. impeaching public officials.
B. vetoing a law.
C. making appointments.
D. declaring a law unconstitutional
Depth of Knowledge: 1
Recall of information
This item requires students to recall information.
Jess has 395 square feet of ceramic tile, which she will
use to tile the floors in three square rooms. If the side
lengths of each room are given in feet, for which set of
lengths would Jess NOT have enough tile to cover the
A. 8, 10, 15
B. 9, 11, 14
C. 9, 12, 13
D. 10, 11, 13
Depth of Knowledge: 3
Extended Reasoning
This item requires students to solve multiple step
If you are looking for a place to live that has warm winters and cool
summers, which city would be your best choice?
A. Albany, NY
B. San Diego, CA
C. Anchorage, NY
D. San Antonio, TX
Depth of Knowledge: 2
Basic Reasoning
This item requires students to read and interpret a graph.
Items created by the user and added to the item bank.
 Is only available for the individual to use until it is
approved for district use.
 Can be added to any exam.
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