Raise Awareness about Privacy among Students

Data Privacy Day 2012 on Campus
Jolynn Dellinger
Program Manager, Data Privacy Day
National Cyber Security Alliance
Data Privacy
Day – What are
the goals?
Promoting an
Understanding of
Privacy and Personal
Data in a Digital
 Educational
 Fostering
Collaboration around
Privacy and Data
Protection Issues
2007 – 2012
Data Privacy Day has been celebrated in the US, Canada and the
Council of Europe countries. Every year new countries join the
DPD began with Intel, moved to The Privacy Projects, and is now
being managed by the National Cyber Security Alliance
DPD offers opportunities to:
• focus global attention on privacy
• highlight the global nature of the issue and the need to collaborate and
cooperate internationally around privacy issues
• encourage corporate privacy accountability
• bring attention to the role of government in protecting privacy and an
understanding of proposed legislation pertaining to privacy
• help individuals learn about the ways technologies place their
personal data at risk and best practices to protect their personal
How do we accomplish these goals?
• Events, Initiatives, Trainings, Media
• Educational Outreach – resources provided year round on the webpage
• Involving diverse stakeholders: industry, government, academics,
educators and students, nonprofits
Educational Outreach
Target Audiences
• Consumers
• Businesses
• Parents & Kids
• Teens & Young Adults
Privacy Issues
• Social media and social networking
• Mobile devices
• Location based services
• Digital citizenship
• Reputation management
• Health privacy
• Smart grid
• Behavioral targeting and advertising
• Identity theft
Collecting and Bringing
Attention to Educational
Events and Initiatives in the United States,
Canada, UK and Ireland
• Intel, Comcast and NCSA are hosting an event discussing the intersection of privacy
and security at the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C.
on January 26
• Microsoft is hosting an event at the Churchill Club in San Jose, California to discuss
“The Collection of Online Consumer Data: The Good, The Bad and the Unknown” on
January 24
• Ontario’s Information and Privacy Officer Dr. Ann Cavoukian is hosting “Beware of
‘Surveillance by Design’: The Threat of Looming ‘Lawful Access’ Litigation” on
Friday January 27 at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Ontario
• Internal corporate initiatives and trainings
•The I in online educational initiative in UK, Ireland and US
Communicate with Each Other and with Data Privacy
Become a Champion of Data Privacy Day. If you are participating,
send your logo and link to me at [email protected]
Become a fan of the Data Privacy: NCSA Facebook page
(http://www.facebook.com/DataPrivacyNCSA) and follow Data
Privacy Day on Twitter at @DataPrivacyDay.
Communicate with College/University Employees
Raise Awareness about Privacy among Students
Communicate with Students:
Outreach to Teens and Young Adults –
A Data Privacy Day Tradition
Initiate a privacy awareness campaign on your campus in January as students
return to school. Post the Data Privacy Day logo as well as tip sheets,
posters and banners around campus and on your school’s webpage.
Invite a guest lecturer to campus to discuss privacy, online reputation
management or digital citizenship. Make EDUCAUSE’s webinar
featuring Matt Ivester available to your students in late January.
Let your students know about privacy resources :
Understanding Mobile Apps at http://onguardonline.gov/articles/0018understanding-mobile-apps;
Safety Web’s Online Reputation Guide for College Students at
http://www.safetyweb.com/online-reputation-guide-for-college-students; and
Data Privacy Day’s resources for teens and young adults at
www.dataprivacyday.org .
Every student will
improve his or her privacy
knowledge by reading this
Help students understand
digital concepts that affect
their online footprints:
permanence, access, lack
of control over content,
replicability, speed and
Focus is not how to use
the technology but how to
use it responsibly and in a
way that protects the
student’s privacy
Write an article offering privacy and online safety tips and advice for
your campus newspaper. You can use information found at
Blog about privacy throughout the month. Use Facebook and Twitter
to disseminate information and encourage students, faculty and
staff to learn more about protecting their privacy. Feel free to use
content found at http://www.staysafeonline.org/dpd.
Include the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. tips and advice
(http://www.staysafeonline.org/tools-resources/stop-thinkconnect) in student handbooks and orientation materials.
Raise Awareness about Privacy among Students :
The Job Interview
Over 75% of employers surveyed by Microsoft for a Data Privacy Day
study considered online information when making hiring decisions.
70% of those employers acknowledged having rejected job candidates
based on information they found online. Make sure your career
counseling offices are prepared to counsel students about online
reputation management.
Events and Initiatives will be taking place throughout
January and into the beginning days of February.
On your campus.
Pick an audience that works for you. Focus on
students; staff; or community.
To promote awareness, education, and critical thinking
about the importance of protecting the privacy of
personal information online.
Thoughts? Plans?
Thank you!
Contact me at [email protected] for more
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