Innovation Storyboard

Innovation Storyboard
1. About the Organization
Brief introduction to the organization
Mission/Vision statements
Products/Services offered
2. The Idea
• How was the opportunity for innovation
• What preliminary research was carried out
(list sources)?
• How was it prioritized?
• Tools/Techniques to generate idea (Concept)
• Advantages/Disadvantages of various
alternatives (Concepts)
3. People Involvement
• How was the team formed (crossfunctionality) ?
• How was the stakeholder buy-in acquired?
• Who sponsored the project?
• How were the resources/budget determined
and obtained for the project?
4. Process
• Explain the process of Idea generation?
• How was the feasibility of the idea evaluated?
• What tools/techniques were used for
analyzing feasibility?
• Was any Risk Assessment carried out
(including risk mitigation)?
• How was the Idea (solution) developed, tested
and proven for implementation?
4. Process (contd.)
• What were the results for the pilot trials?
• How was the full scale implementation
• How were the risks at that stage been
identified and their mitigation planned?
• How was the implementation monitored and
• How was the implementation monitored and
5. Results
• Planned v-s Actual?
• What were the actual benefits realized from
the implementation?
• List other intangible benefits
• How was feedback obtained from various
• stakeholders? How were they impacted? What
• was their perception?
6. Learning
• What Went Well and What Went Wrong?
• Single Point Lesson Learnt?
• What would you different the next time you
do a similar project?
7. Way Forward
• How were the team members recognized?
• Any intellectual property generated? How is it
protected? How it is shared with the
appropriate stakeholders?
• Future development of the idea or using the
same idea in different applications
Thank You