Supporting Notes for Practical Unit Guide

“In addition to presenting the extract (s) from their
selected play, the students will need to provide
supporting notes which will demonstrate their
understanding and application of the ideas of their
chosen practitioner”
Brief overview
The supporting notes should be divided into three separate
Each section should be between 500 and 700 words in
length (excluding bibliography)
The document in total should be approx. 1500-200 words!
It must show clearly your link to your chosen genre, director
or theatre company
Avoid talking too much about stuff you’re not doing
Don’t just download information – make it your own!
Make sure you mention your own work (their contribution,
their role in the piece and who they’ve played) How you
have worked on your role and rehearsed the piece as a
You must have a word count!
The notes should be written in full sentences, using
specialist terminology
your chosen genre/practitioner you need to be aware of
(and research) the following aspects (as appropriate):
Theatrical/historical context
Developing theatrical purpose
Innovative nature of approach
Theory and practice
Working methods
Theatrical styles
Intentions for the audience
Attitudes towards the role of director
Attitudes towards the role of the performer
Attitudes towards the significance of design elements
Ideas about actor training
Ideas about actor/audience relationship
Ideas about theatre form/configuration
Collaboration with others
Artistic ideals
Target audience
Political aims
Influence upon other practitioners
Section 1:
Evidence of exploration of the work of the
chosen practitioner; identifying the key features
of that work and justification of the choice of
extract in the light of that exploration. To be
supported by a
history/list of source and resources (as
Evidence that you have explored and understood
the work of that practitioner
Section 2:
Outline of dramatic intentions for the
audience, in relation to the group’s
interpretation of the chosen extract and
the influence of the chosen practitioner
How you’ve used the ideas of that
practitioner/company yourselves
Section 3:
Assessment of the rehearsal process and of the potential
effectiveness of the piece for an audience. Evaluation of
the development of the nominated skill in relation to both
the chosen text and to the influential practitioner's ideas;
awareness of health and safety factors.
Assessment account of the rehearsal process with analysis
of the impact. The health and safety must relate to your
piece specifically rather than a general account of health
and safety in the theatre!
Hints and tips
Keep showing your teachers drafts of your notes as you go along –
don’t wait until the final deadline!
Look at chapters 21-28 in your AQA books which will help you get your
head around this practical unit and what you need to think about and
write in your supporting notes
Read through the examples Miss Vice has given you
Make sure you continue to have your discussions at the end of each
practical session to make sure you are all 100% clear in your intentions,
focus and aims
Start your supporting notes NOW!