OSCE: Helsinki + 40 Timo Kantola

”OSCE: Helsinki + 40”
Timo Kantola
Stete Seminar 28.02.2013
Dublin Ministerial 12/2012
• Decision to launch Helsinki+40 process
• 3 year process (OSCE Chairs Ukraine,
Switzerland, Serbia)
• Open ended informal Working Group
• Result oriented process leading up to
Helsinki + 40 process: why?
• Istanbul Summit 1999 > decline?
• Reflection since 2008 > results?
• Astana Summit 2010 > tasking nature
Worries about OSCE and its role
Lack of trust, lack of co-operation
Questions about need to update OSCE
Work to be done?
• Taskings of the Astana Summit
• Implementation of commitments,
including human rights
• All 3 dimensions, TNT, cross
dimensional issues (conflict cycle,
gender), and organizational issues
(budgets, weekly PC meetings, field
missions, charter, etc.)
OSCE assets
• Co-operation among 57 participating
• Common principles and commitments
• Practical tools
• Organization, institutions (ODIHR,
HCNM, RFoM), field activities (15
missions), election observation
• Personnel ~ 2.700; budget 144 m€
Goal of Helsinki +40 ?
• Much remains open.
• Dublin:
• “...advancing work towards a security
• “...further strengthening our co-operation in
the OSCE...”
• “...intensified efforts to fully implement OSCE
• “..to reconfirm and build upon the OSCE
• “...to meet the challenges of the 21st century...”
Start of the work?
• First meeting in February, second in
March – good start
• How to move from general discussion
into more structured and goal oriented
• Sub-structures?
• Results along the way, or in 2015?
Perspectives in view of 2015?
• Broader questions of international
relations, US-RF relations
• Arms control, Post-CFE, crucial for the
success of Helsinki + 40
• Protracted conflicts (NagornoKarabakh, Georgia, Moldova)
• Who is the driver of the process?
• Failure, time-out, or success? Risks?
• What is success?
– Landmark document?
– Strategic vision for the years to come, that
will strengthen the OSCE?
– Coupled with concrete results, and further
taskings for the OSCE work?
– Summit?
– 40th Anniversary of the Final Act on
Finland´s views?
• Strong support, co-operation, goal to
make OSCE stronger, forward looking
• Build upon OSCE acquis, promote
broad concept of security, adapt to
changing world, ensure OSCE´s vitality
• Fresh talks on arms control/CSBMs,
conflict cycle, update of EED, HD, TNT,
gender, efficiency and effectiveness