Gathering Information CRE

Higher PE
Gathering Information
Cycle of Analysis
Gathering Information
Why do we gather information?
•It provides objective, accurate and reliable information about the performer in
relation to the specific demands of the activity
•Identifies individual strengths and weaknesses
•Provides a clear focus for planning a programme to improve your fitness
•Provides a baseline or starting point
•Allows you to monitor your fitness development and compare scores to previous
Methods of Data Collection
Within the Activity:
• Video performance
• Initial Data Observation Schedule
• Time Related Observation Schedule (TROS)
Outwith the Activity:
• Standard fitness tests
• Physical- Leger, 12 Minute Cooper Test
• Skill Related- Illinois Agility Test
• Mental- SCAT Test (Sport Competition Anxiety Test)
Gathering Information on Physical Factors
There are a number of methods of gathering
information for a physical factor using
standardised tests
30m Sprint
Hand Grip
Vertical Jump
Illinois Agility
Standing long
Gathering Information on Physical Factors
For each method we need to make sure we can
describe in detail how the test is set up.
e.g. The cooper test is a test used to measure cardio respiratory endurance
(CRE). The point of the test is to run as far as possible over 12 minutes.
The test is set up by using a 400m track with 100m markers around the
inside of the track. My coach will start the test from the 100m finish line
and count how many times I pass this point within the 12 minutes.
Depending on where I am at the end of the test I can work out the
distance I have travelled round the track using the 100m markers to give
the correct distance I travelled on my last lap. From there I can work out
the distance I have travelled, for example if I completed 8.5 laps I would
use the sum 8.5 x 400 meters = 3400 meters.
Gathering information on physical actors
• You must be able to describe in detail how
each test is set up
• For each of the following tests give a detailed
description on how you would set them up
- Leger
- Standing Long Jump
- Illinois Agility test
Why use Standardised tests
We use standardised test to gather information
because the data is
• Valid and reliable
• Easily managed
• Consistent - Reliability
• Accurate - Validity
• Easy to read and interpret/understand
• Can be compared to National Average
• Referred to and compared to previous results
When answering a question on methods of
gathering information on a specific factor you
must answer the following points
• What is the method?
• Why is it appropriate?
• How do you set it up?
• What does it tell you?
• What do you do with the score?
For homework answer the following question:
Examine, in detail, and explain a method you
have used to gather information on a physical
factor (CRE).
(6 marks)