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RoadTek Improvement System
….managing business opportunities
• Business Projects unit
• What is a system?
• Improvement System components
• Work Improvement Notes
• Improvement Opportunity Brief
• Business Improvement Methodology
RoadTek Improvement System
• Why have a RoadTek Improvement
• Structured, multi-faceted approach
to business improvement in
• Business Improvement and
Continuous Improvement;
• Risk assessment to determine
Improvement system components
• Business Improvement Methodology;
• Business Projects Program;
• Continuous Improvement Framework;
• Audit Management
• Roles and Responsibilities
• WIN System
Tools for Problem Solving
• WIN system provides an opportunity
for problem solving;
• Variety of tools available, including:
• Brainstorming
• Cause and Effect (or Fishbone
• The Five Why’s
• Encourages open thinking;
• Can be structured or unstructured;
• No idea is criticized. Ever!
• Ideas are generated in turn, or
randomly, until ideas are exhausted;
• List is reviewed for clarity and any
duplicates discarded.
Fishbone Diagrams
What does it do ?
• Focuses on the content of the
• Creates a snapshot of the collective
knowledge and consensus of a team;
• Focuses the team on the cause of
the problem, not the symptoms.
Fishbone Diagrams (cont’d)
• The Diagram resembles a fishbone;
• A box (the 'fish head') that contains the
statement of the problem at one end;
• From this box originates the 'fish spine'
or the main branch;
• The major causes become bones
attached to the spine;
• Minor causes are attached in turn to
these bones;
Fishbone Diagrams (cont’d)
How do I do it ?
1. Prepare the basic framework of the Fishbone Diagram on
a whiteboard or a flipchart
Fishbone Diagrams (cont’d)
2. Define the problem that needs to be addressed and write
it in clear and simple terms in the fish head of the diagram
Late Pizza
delivery on
Fishbone Diagrams (cont’d)
3. Collaboratively define the causes and write these at the
tips of the major bones. These headings could be
developed through a brainstorming or using 5 Why’s,
which focuses on the problem in the fish’s head
Machinery / Equipment
Late Pizza
delivery on
Fishbone Diagrams (cont’d)
4. Tease out the Major Causes by further brainstorming
adding these ideas and suggestions to the smaller bones
on the diagram.
Machinery / Equipment
Unreliable cars
No money for repairs
Small Ovens
Staff don’t turn up
Cars are junks
Drivers get lost
Late Pizza delivery
on Fridays
High turnover
Poor handling of large orders
Poor Dispatching
Running out of
Many new streets
Not trained
Inaccurate stock take
The Five Why’s
Can be used in conjunction with Cause and
Effect diagrams;
Describe the outcome
Ask “Why” the outcome has happened
Answer the question
Ask “Why” another 4 times or until there is no
point going on further
Questions will result in several possible causes
Improvement Methodology
• Business Improvement or
Continuous Improvement;
• Determined by risk assessment;
• Accessed from Highway 21
Business Improvement
• enables consistent project
management of all innovative change
projects across RoadTek;
• Business projects must apply the
Business Improvement Methodology;
Business Improvement
• assists Project Managers to validate
and assess the proposed
improvement opportunity
• moves projects from concept to
finalisation in a structured and logical
• management able to make informed
A new project programming tool is required for implementation across Traffic and
PHS it is estimated that the project will cost in the vicinity of 50-100,000 dollars and
will require the purchase of a new software application. Resource requirements will
be for a team of approx 6 people for six weeks.
The process for answering telephones is not working as people keep giving the wrong
message. A project is required to review the process identify required improvements
and implement across RoadTek, implementation will have to be undertaken by
RoadTek staff in local business units.. It is estimated to cost $20,000 and take two
people 3 weeks to do.
Project non-conformances are being reported haphazardly across RoadTek and it is
not possible to do any sort of trend analysis on what data is collected. A systems
need to be developed that will allow data that is entered on the project to be
automatically rolled up and trend analysis to be undertaken form a central location in
Brisbane. It is estimated it will take a team of 3 people six months to investigate,
identify a solution and implement the solution. The solution will require a new
software application and maybe new hardware and the costing is to hard to estimate.
PHS wish to improve the way that they that they dispose of plant as the current
method is resulting in plant being stored for moths on end at the end of its viable life.
It is expected to take one person 4 months to complete the project and cost around
The Works Reference Group have identified that the tender system is not working and
would like to fix it by finding and implementing an alternative. They have no idea what
it will cost or how long it will take.
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