The EU Lesson 1

The European Union
Lesson 1
Why should students in the United States study
Europe and the European Union?
The European Union
Partners in Global Leadership
The EU and U.S. work together:
• Fighting terrorism and
transnational crime
• Advancing global trade
• Combating piracy and intellectual
property violations
• Promoting peace, freedom and the
rule of law
The European Union
The EU and the U.S.
• Are helping restore peace and
stability in Afghanistan.
• Work together in the Middle East
Quartet to advance the peace
• Agree with each other on many
policies, and others tend to
The European Union
Shared Values and
• Freedom & Democracy
Support free elections, good governance, human
rights, and the rule of law around the world
• Security
Fight terrorism, limit the spread of nuclear
weapons, and work for global peace
• Development
Jointly provide 80% of global development
assistance – a larger share of it in times of
disaster and conflict
The European Union
A Dynamic
Transatlantic Economy
• EU and U.S. together account for
40% of total global trade.
• The intertwined economies employ
12-14 million workers on both sides
of the Atlantic.
• Europe is by far the most significant
source of foreign investment in the
US economy.
The European Union
In the U.S.
European companies are the
leading foreign investors in the U.S.
The UK, Germany, France, and the
Netherlands – top four sources of
jobs created by foreign investment
in the United States.
BMW’s assembly plant is South Carolina’s
largest private sector employer.
The European Union
In the EU
American companies invest far
more in EU countries than in
• U.S. businesses make 5
times the profit in the
Netherlands - alone - as
they make in China.
• In 2005, EU investments in
Texas alone surpassed all
U.S. investments in China
and Japan, combined.
The European Union
Future of Transatlantic Relations
• The EU and U.S. face
common challenges that
are global in origin and
• With global challenges,
come global
The European Union
Future of Transatlantic Relations
The EU and U.S. are natural
partners and lead in four key
• Promoting peace, human rights
and democracy worldwide.
• Confronting global challenges.
• Fostering prosperity and
• Advancing strategic
cooperation on energy security
and environmental issues.
The European Union
“We [the United States and the
European Union] are not geopolitical or
strategic rivals. We do not pursue
different visions of global order, based
on competing values. Ours is a win-win
relationship. The US has a lot to gain
from upgrading its relations with the
EU, and vice versa.”
José Manuel Durao Barroso,
President of the European Commission
26 March 2010