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Why should you use Ruckus Planner?

Ruckus AP’s are easier for planning.. Resellers can verify with 3 rd party tool

Verify with the tool to save costs for properly designed


Money and time may be wasted on implementing inappropriate hardware incorrectly

The wireless LAN may never work properly resulting in frustrated users

Help Resellers to validate



What must you consider before any WLAN design?

Understand the business needs of the wireless


What will the WLAN be used for?

Bandwidth & Roaming requirements

Determine signal coverage and control

Where RF coverage should and should not be

Understand and meet any security requirements

Regulatory requirements

Type and classification of data being transferred


Ruckus Planner Powered by AirMagnet

Specifically Designed with Ruckus Antennas

802.11a/b/g/n WLAN design & modeling based on building materials and environment

Design networks before any physical AP rollout or building is built

Ideal tool for estimating network deployment budgets

Choose your network migration strategies

Calculate and optimize AP count, layout & configuration

Create Bill-of-Materials report


Quick and Professional WLAN Modeling

Import floor map of the site

Draw building constructions and environmental obstructions on the floor map

Manually place APs or let Planner automatically place it on the floor map

View coverage maps

Generate a “Bill-of-materials” report


Simple & Flexible Design Interface

Built-in library of materials, environments and obstructions

Walls, doors, windows, cubicles, offices, elevators, warehouse environments, etc.

Create and add customized environments and obstructions

Set Ruckus Wireless AP Properties

Build ideal configuration for Ruckus APs

Set Channels, Transmit Power, 11n properties, AP height, etc.

Select built-in Ruckus Wireless antenna patterns

Support on all Ruckus indoor APs


2942, 7942, 7962

7343, 7363


Ruckus Planner powered by AirMagnet

Ordering SKUs

901-0100-0001 €495.00

903-0100-0001 NFR €195.00

VARs / Distributors / customers purchase directly from Ruckus

Notification to download software from www.airmagnet/my_airmagnet

Ruckus provides license to activate software

Available starting on March 15 th

, 2010




Superior Analysis

Signal strength coverage map for primary and backup APs

Data rate coverage map

WLAN throughput coverage map

Detect roaming areas

Find areas of high co-channel interference


AirMagnet Planner’s 802.11n Solution


Automated migration guidance for existing legacy networks

Phased migration or One-for-one replacement

Built-in intelligence for detecting migration design flaws

Budget approximate deployment cost for new wireless infrastructure


Unique WLAN Throughput estimation at every location

Unique built-in 802.11n specific coverage maps for Operating mode, Channel width, Max MCS rate


Validate “prediction model” design against “post-deployment surveys”

Seamless integration with AirMagnet Survey, WLAN industry’s only site survey product to allow “real-world active” surveys


AirMagnet Planner for 802.11n Migration

Existing Legacy (802.11a/b/g) Network

Phased Roll-out of 802.11n

802.11n Migration


One-for-one Replacement with 802.11n