CSCS & CPCS Presentation 10 September 2014

The Construction Industry’s
Leading Certification
Card Scheme
How SmartCards work
SmartCards can be read using an enabled smartphone, tablet
device or Card reader connected to a laptop or PC
• Android Smartphones with Near Field
Communication (NFC)
• Not available through Apple
• 3 different apps available through Google
Play CSCS Go Smart, CSCS Time and
Attendance and CSCS On-Site Training
• CITB Health, safety an environment test
information now shown on CHIP
• New online Card Checker available soon
Scheme changes
Scheme Changes
• Recognition of Academic Qualifications
• Requirement for a QCF Single Unit Level One Award to
obtain a Green Card for Labourers
• Introduction of a red Apprentice Card
• Introduction of a red Provisional Card
• CRO and Site Visitor card ‘clean up’
Academically Qualified Persons Card
CSCS AQP cards issued to holders of:• Construction Related HNC and HND
• Construction Related Degrees
• NEBOSH Construction Certificates and National
• CIOB Certificates
AQP Card
• 5 year life
• Renewable
• AQP cardholders who go on to achieve a relevant
vocational qualification, or membership of a
recognised professional body, can then apply for a
different card on renewal
Green Card Changes
• From 1st July 2014 green card applicants must have
achieved a new level one qualification - Health and
Safety in a Construction Environment Award (or a
recognised equivalent – more information is available on the
CSCS website)
• Green cards will be renamed:
Health and Safety in a Construction
Environment Award
• Covers five key areas:
– Principles of Risk Assessment
– Safe Manual Handling
– Working Safely at Height
– Risks to Health
– Working Safely around Plant and Machinery.
More information on the content available at
Recognition of existing training
• Process for mapping existing training courses against the
new standard – not only content but also assessment
• If approved, continue with current arrangements
• Currently only Site Safety Plus Health and Safety
Awareness has been mapped and approved.
• Site Safety Plus Health and Safety Awareness must be in
date at time of application.
• Also required to be retaken at Renewal of Labourer card
• From 1st July 2014 everyone applying for a new or
renewed Green Card will be required to:
– Pass the HS&E test
– Complete the QCF Level 1 single unit Award or
• By end of 2019 all Green Cards will be based on the
achievement of a suitable qualification.
Provisional Card
• For those with no qualification recognised by CSCS
and not registered on a relevant training course
• Applicants must pass CITB’s Operative Health, Safety
and Environment Test
• Valid for 6 months and cannot be renewed
• Available from July 14
Provisional Card
• Purpose:
o probationary periods whilst employers assess
suitability for employment
o supervised work experience
o Holders of expires CSO card (only until 31 January
• Before this card expires the cardholder must be
registered for or achieve a recognised construction
related qualification to then apply for the Labourer card
or the appropriate card for their occupation.
Apprentice Card
• Applicants need to be registered on a recognised
apprenticeship framework
• Valid for 4 years and 6 months
• Available from July 14
CPCS Card scheme
Trained Operator
Red Card
Competent Operator
Blue Card
What is CPCS?
• Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS)
provides skills cards for the plant sector of the
construction and allied industries
• Launched in 2003
• Over 300,000 cards issued
• Over 80 categories of plant
• Shows individuals have met a level of health and safety
• Demonstrates an individual has been tested and
assessed to a high standard.
Pass the HS&E test
Pass the CITB
HS&E Test
Pass the
Pass the CPCS Technical
Pass the CPCS
Technical Test
Test Practical
Internet Test Centre
CPCS Test Centre
Pass the CPCS Technical
CPCS Trained Operator
Test Practical
CPCS Trained
Operator Card
Achieve the NVQ/SVQ Level 2
Achieve the SVQ/NVQ
Level 2
CPCS Competent Operator Card
CPCS Competent
Operator Card
Cskills Awards Centre
Renewal test – concept and development
• Key safety-related knowledge checked at point of
• Consultation with employers determined plant
safety-related topic areas
• Questions based on HSE statistics and data, safety
alerts and employer interviews.
• Sets of questions (modules) designed for each
category, or groups of similar categories
• Booking concessions allow exemptions for similar
modules reducing the need to take all categories held
Renewal test
• Factsheets with a narrative of each
topic area on which all questions are
based are available free of charge
• Each module has 15 questions to be
answered within
15 minutes, with a minimum of 12
needed to pass
• Test valid for up to two years prior to
Card expiry date
• Test exemption given to categories
added to Card within previous two
years of Card expiry date.
Renewal test – booking
• HS&E test can be booked at the same time and taken at
same sitting
• Cost of test is £25 per booking which includes up to
5 modules – additional modules require new test booking
(with new fee)
• Cost of CPCS Card including booking fee, meaning no
additional costs levied for Blue Card renewal
What is CISRS?
• The Construction Industry Scaffolders’ Record
Scheme (CISRS) is the Industry recognised Card for
• CISRS has been in place for over 40 years and is
one of the oldest trade scheme cards in existence
• Shows individuals have met a level of health and
safety awareness
• Shows the cardholder has been trained and
assessed to the highest standards.
New Entrant
Scaffolding Trainee
Complete HS&E test
CISRS Scaffolding
Labourer Card
CISRS Operative Training
Scheme course
CISRS Trainee
Scaffolder Card
6 months’ practical experience
Tube and Fitting/System Part 1 Training
6 months’ practical experience
Tube and Fitting/System Part 2 Training
and register for SVQ/NVQ 2
Achieve SVQ/NVQ 2 and pass CISRS
One-day skills test
CISRS Scaffolder Card
12 months’ practical experience
CISRS Advanced
Scaffolder Training and
register for SVQ/NVQ 3
Achieve SVQ/NVQ 3
and pass CISRS
two-day skills test
CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Card
Recent Change to CISRS
• New requirements for Labourer and first Trainee
Cards with introductory one-day training course called
the CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS)
• Not required for first Trainee Card if part 1 is achieved
or the Apprenticeship 10-day introduction course has
been completed
• COTS must have been achieved for all new and
renewals of Labourer Cards.
• CISRS Basic and Advanced Scaffold Inspection Cards
have been in place since 4 May 2010
• CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection course has been
increased from a two-day course to a three-day course
as of 1 July 2014 to incorporate the changes to TG2013.
Health, safety and environment test
• Apps now available on Android and Apple for the
Revision Materials
• 3 levels of App – Free, £3.99, £5.99 through Google Play
and Apple Store
• Download also available for XP, Vista and Windows 8 PC’s
• Arrests, convictions and
imprisonment – a result of
CITB investigations into card
• In some instances,
deportations have occurred
following imprisonment
• Assets seized
• HS&E tests revoked following
• Several centres suspended
due to abuse of scheme rules
• Campaign underway to
highlight fraud issues.
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