Part A, PostMaster / Chartgen, Presenters Steve Wood, Chris Vinall

Masterpiece User Group of
South Australia
February 20th 2014
Postmaster & ChartGen
Hangin’ On
Steve Wood
Troy McMellon
Barbara Nunan
Chris Vinall
 Did you know….
 User Experience
Barbara Nunan
Troy McMellon
Chris Vinall
 SSSA unlimited user licenses (version 3.0)
 Some agencies have 2-5 user licenses
 Version 3.0 support Masterpiece version 2.0
 Version 4.0 support Masterpiece version 4.0
 First developed mid 1990’s by Myers Holum
 Currently owned by Solvent Green
 Desktop application evolved into an excel Add-in
Postmaster – Standard Features
 All Masterpiece feeds supported
 Templates for all feeds supplied
 Supports all Masterpiece versions, databases, hardware
and operating system combinations
 Utilise any Excel features
 Register submit/enter (network card)
 Temporary registration mode
Postmaster – Extended Features
 FTP datasets
 Validates GL accounts to ChartGen
 GL journals and budgets
 Also AP/AR invoice files
 MS access validations
 Postmaster 16 bit field names
 Cobol field names
Postmaster – Extended Features
 Reports
 Validate (test large spreadsheets) or Export
 ODBC setup
 ChartGen validation
 MS Access field vlaidation
 What is ChartGen?
 ChartGen on the PC
 APT-Link
 ChartGen Maintenance Option (CMO)
 Myers-Holum application
 Approximately 75% SA government agencies are licensed.
 No license needed for the PC component
 APT-Link license required each Masterpiece agency
 CMO optional extra
ChartGen - Spreadsheet Features
 Comments
 Multiple rollups
 Change account block
 Inactivate blocks
ChartGen – Desktop Features
 What if I make a change and want to test it
 COA modelling
 Validation
 Load all
 Upload all
 CGDIR add engine
ChartGen – Desktop Additions
 Account and Relationship Generation
 Account/Hierarchy Inquiry (GL670)
 FTP – Transfer to host
ChartGen Maintenance Option
 GL156 replacement
 Vastly improved performance
 Ideal for
 Large chart of accounts
 Large hierarchy
 Other
ChartGen – APT-Link
 Validates and loads output from 5 spreadsheets
 Important to validate all 5 spreadsheets every time
 Removes existing APT rules
 Complete replacement every time.
 Reloads from .DAT files
 Parameter cards
Barbara Nunan
 ChartGen
Troy McMellon
 Postmaster DFM templates
Chris Vinall – Using PM for feeds
 Postmaster Feed for Masterpiece Accounts Receivable (AR)
 MOG/restructure AR debtor balance transfers;
 End user feed templates for periodic invoicing/billing
 PM templates available for AR functions like customer
maintenance, batch invoice obligation updates (for new
invoices, invoice transfers and invoice backouts), and receipting
(application cash receipts to invoices);
 Significance of AR parameters, optional tables, reporting codes,
and customer maintenance when introducing new AR clients.
Chris Vinall – Using PM for feeds
 Postmaster Feed for Masterpiece Fixed Assets (FA)
 MOG/restructure FA (asset register) transfers;
 Consolidation of excel based registers onto Masterpiece for
standardisation of processes and EOM depreciation calcs;
 PM templates available for FA functions like asset additions
and asset retirements;
 Significance of FA parameters, user defined fields, and
depreciation chart keys when introducing new FA clients.
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