The Squadron Commanders

The Squadron
Duties of the Squadron
To ensure that all CPS policies, both Squadron
and District, are carried out
Responsible for the overall quality of the training
and other programs
Be the Squadron’s representative on the District
Supply regular reports to District Council, AGM’s
and any others requested
Perform other duties as required
So How Do We Do All Of This
The Guidebook
for CPS Officers
is your best
reference for all
The Guidebook
Found on WBAS under “Officers Web Home”
Then “Officer Guidebooks”
Squadron Organization
Squadron function
Squadron organization
Squadron Meetings
The Guidebook
Meetings & Ceremonies
This section mainly refers to General
Meetings and will be of great assistance in
preparing for Annual General Meetings.
Preparation is the key for all meetings.
The Guidebook
Merit Marks
Merit Marks, Commander’s Citation and
Letter of Commendation are our official
way of thanking our member volunteers.
Letters of Appreciation can be awarded to
non-members of CPS who assist our
Squadron, District or National organization
The Guidebook
Financial Management & Insurance
Squadron Expenses and reimbursements
Liability Insurance – for usual Squadron
Dues increase request procedure
Financial Statements
The Guidebook
Appendix C
Squadron Officers Job Descriptions
Commander should be familiar with all of
Should make sure that your Officers also
know how to access their own description
The Guidebook
Appendix G
 Suggested Squadron Activity
The Guidebook
Appendix H
WBAS Procedures
 How to set up your computer for WBAS
 How to use WBAS
 Which Officer has access to what information
 Frequently Asked questions
Supplementary Documents
CPS National Directory
Model Squadron Regulations
The Successful Squadron
Financial Statements and other forms
CPS Bylaws
CPS Training Manual
Much other useful information
Relationship Between Squadron
and District Commanders
The Squadron Commander needs to be
kept informed, and similarly the District
Commander should be kept informed
about Squadrons affairs.
You are the liaison between Squadron and
District. The D/C is the liaison between
District and National.
Dual Responsibilities
The Squadron Commander is also member of
the District Council, and the District Commander
is a member of the National Governing Board.
District Council is where squadrons can share
their successes and concerns with all in the
It is at the Governing Board I can bring your
concerns and successes to others across the
How Squadron and District
Commanders’ Jobs are Similar
Ensuring that the policies of Squadrons
and Districts are effectively carried out;
Supply the Commander’ reports –
Squadron to District, District to National;
Ensuring that the National Secretary is
notified of any changes in Squadron or
District Officers within 2 weeks.
How Squadron and District
Commanders’ Jobs are Similar
Completion of Merit Mark recommendations
by both Squadron Commander, and District
Commander by December 1.
Ensuring that AGM minutes and audited
financial reports are submitted to National
and District within one week of AGM.
The success of any squadron relies on the
working relationship between the Squadron
Commanders and the Bridge Officers.
By keeping abreast of news from other
Squadrons/District/National, you will be able to
keep your Squadron moving forward
Share with others your successes and your
disappointments. We are all working towards
the same goal…
Leadership Skills
 Vision
 Communication
 People skills
 Delegation
 Adaptability
 Teamwork
 Mentoring and Development
 Decision-making
 Planning
 Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they
will surprise you with their ingenuity – George Patton
 The real leader has no need to lead – he is content to point the way –
Henry Miller
 Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right
things. – Peter F. Drucker
 A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take
the helm. Henrik Ibsen
 I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce
more leaders, not more followers. – Ralph Nader
Safe Boating
Through Education
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