Realizing Innovation
July 18, 2012
A Common vocabulary about innovation
Network Building
Capturing Ideas
Next Steps
What is Innovation?
Apple iPod?
Introducing iPad to classroom?
AP Purchase Order Processing Improvement?
Automated UA testing?
Voice Recognition Software?
Online College Courses?
For our discussions….
• Innovation - the creation, use, and dissemination of
better processes, products, services, or
• 'Better' can refer to doing something more effectively or doing
something differently.
Who Participates in Innovation
• We all have something to contribute to innovation.
• Involvement in the strategy and ongoing operations
of the organization is extremely important for all.
Who Participates in Innovation (continued)
• In order to contribute, we need to know the strategic
focus, know how the strategic focus applies to us,
and know that our efforts are contributing to the
successful attainment of the strategic vision.
Incremental or Radical Innovation
• Incremental Innovation
– ‘do the same thing, but do it better’
– small changes, huge collective impact
• Radical Innovation
– ‘do something differently’
– breakthrough or disruptive
What is Innovation? - revisited
• Apple iPod? Incremental, iPlatform – Radical
• Introducing iPad to classroom? Incremental
• AP Purchase Order Processing Improvement
• Automated UA testing? Incremental
• Voice Recognition Software? Radical
• Online College Courses? Incremental or Radical
Network Building
• Network – a complex, interconnected group
• Create Networks for efficiency, learning, and
intersection of knowledge sets
• Improves quality and quantity of ideas
• Reach outside of your group
Capturing Ideas
• Search – what is the idea space?
• Idea Generation – how do we come up with ideas?
• Idea Capture – document the idea.
• Incubation – discuss and debate to further the idea.
What stifles innovation
Environmental factors that stifle innovation
Dominance of restrictive vertical relationships
Poor lateral communications
Limited tools and resources
Top-down dictates
Formal, restricted vehicles for change
Unfocused innovative activity
Non-supporting accounting practices
Reinforced culture of inferiority
Kanter, R. ed. ( 1997) Innovation: Breakthrough thinking at 3M,
DuPont, GE, Pfizer, and Rubbermaid, Harper Business, New York
Discussion – Next Steps
• Where are we now? Do we appreciate incremental
and breakthrough ideas?
• How can we form networks and encourage self
organizing groups?
• What are our challenges?
• What are our un-tapped strengths?
Thank you