Crestron Introduction

Crestron Control Systems
• Crestron Control systems can be any
combination of control processors, touch
panels, specialty A/V, switching, lighting
and cabling.
• Crestron can control any device that can be
controlled by contact closure, serial
communications, infrared, analog i/o, digital
i/o or TCP/IP
Control Processor
Control Processors
Control Processors / Wireless Panel
Touch Panels
Crestron Software
VisionTools™ Pro E - VTProE
Simpl Windows
Crestron Data Base and Device Database
Simpl +
Crestron Software
• Crestron software is available for download
on their web site by registered users
• You must have a login and password to
access this resource
• Login and passwords are available to
dealers, certified independent programmers
and registered educational institutions (A+)
• Fleming is an A+ institution
VisionTools™ Pro-e
• VT Pro-e is Creston’s interface design
• VT Pro-e allows programmers to create
custom designed projects for touch panels
SIMPL™ Windows.
• SIMPL Windows is Crestron's Visual
programming language. It permits drag and
drop of system components and visual
depiction of interconnection
Simpl +
• Crestron's lower level language for creating
custom modules. Similar to C or C+
• File transfer and system direct control
• Used for verifying system connection,
updating system software, and debugging
• Provides greater control of the system for
diagnostics and troubleshooting
Crestron System Design Process
System Developers Kit
• Crestron recommends starting a control
system design by taking advantage of the
equipment lists and touchpanel layout pages
in the Programming Design Kit DOC. 5277.
• Link to Developers Kit
System Developers Kit
• This kit provides tools to help develop a
carefully designed system by identifying
what equipment is going to be controlled
and in what manner.
• Design sheets allow a programmer to list all
equipment and control devices. Pages for
developing sample touchscreens are also
System Developers Kit
• The Programming Design Kit will
document the equipment to be controlled,
the control protocol, and the touch screen
layout. Everything the programmer needs to
start the project is listed in the Design Kit.
Crestron Documentation
• VTProe – Manual is Help (F1)
• Simple
Installation and programming Guide
Quick Reference Card
Symbol Guide