08. Showcase measures from Zagreb - Lidija Pavic-Rogosic

March 2012
Training on Social
Lidija Pavić-Rogošić,
ODRAZ - Sustainable Community Development
Safety and security for seniors
• Improve safety of senior citizens in
public transport
• Raise reliability of public transport to
senior citizens
• Increase the understanding among
public transport staff of senior citizen’s
expectations and needs
Plan for stakeholder engagement
Safety and security for seniors
new low-floor vehicles allow safer and
more comfortable acess
platforms adjusted to needs of physically
147 displays at PT stops across the city
inform on arrival of trams and buses
CCTV cameras and surveillance system
shelters to protect from precipitation on
most PT stops
Workshops with senior citizens
• 15 workshops in different homes for
elderly held
• almost 500 elderly persons
• project partners: ODRAZ, ZET project
personnel, City of Zagreb, ZFOT
• ZET drivers, traffic police, City
department for traffic and City
department for social welfare
Inspired by Salzburg PT provider!
What we do on workshops
• a conversation related to city mobility
follows the presentation of brochure
and promo film
• ZET drivers give recommendation for
safety in PT vehicles
• We are very satisfied with new trams!
They make our life easier, it is safe to
enter the tram.
The disadvantage is that the part of
corridors are narrow
• New buses are more comfortable
• Displays - good for easier travel planning
• We appreciate raising awareness of PT
drivers on need of elderly passengers
• Leaflet with guidelines for safer use of PT
for elderly people are useful
• ZET Transit System radio in PT vehicles
with important traffic information is very
• A lack of culture amongst the cyclist; the
City should look for a solution to the
problem of rushing bicyclists
• A lack of traffic culture in general
among citizens
• The lack of information about electronic
PT ticketing system
• Crowds in trams and buses during rush
• Bad maintenance of tram and bus
stops; vandalism
• A short duration of green light for
pedestrians on traffic lights
• A need for more traffic lights with sound
Concrete results
Based on a discussion during the
workshop, together with a traffic police
► a proposal for better solution at one
crossroad to be more user friendly was
sent to a City department for traffic
Workshops in ZET depot
• Workshop in ZET depot on how
to use PT safely
Workshops on safety of elderly
in PT with tram and bus drivers
• 4 meetings/workshops during March
with more then 160 drivers
The leaflet
• a leaflet with practical advices for
seniors on how to use PT –
distributed at events
• the first of the kind
CE joined the International Day
of Older Persons
• held on 29 September 2011
• opportunity to distribute practical
guidelines for safer use of public
transport for elderly people well
Mayor of Zagreb
Promo film
• A short movie (1,5 min) on seniors in
PT „Alojz and Vlatka” prepared
• Regularly shown during workshops with
• Promoted in Info-point, presented on
national TV – HRT and Z1 TV
• English subtitles prepared and posted
on civitas.eu web page
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zoa
feedback from
elderly people
during workshops
Atracts the
interest of media
Event at Info-point
Wednesdays in tram:
• Safety of elderly in PT, December 2011
 short film and brochure promoted
CIVITAS ELAN Info service
• app 350 addresses,
including 86 journalists
Photo competition, EMW
• Photos with elderly
CIVITAS ELAN Zagreb web site
Media appearance - Safety of
elderly in PT
• TV reportages on elderly and safety
in PT (including short film, interview
with bus driver)
• web articles
• written article
• radio reports
Transport of disabled people in
• ZET’s Department for transport of
disabled people - established in 1994
• provide every day transport for disabled
people and children - to work, faculty,
school, therapy, etc.
• 30 drivers and 11 persons which take care
of disabled children and those with other
impairments - educated to work with their
This is not a
• 9 vehicles for transport of disabled people measure
and 7 for children
Transport of disabled people
• this service secure better quality of life
and inclusion in different activities
• the right to use this service
implemented in cooperation between
ZET and City of Zagreb
• more people that use this service and
more trips every year
• in 2008 ► 24.688 trips, almost 14%
more than previous year;
• in 2011 ► 32.429 trips