As an artist my goal is to always put everything I have into my work

Gallery: work and works in
progress (part one)
Studio Art Therapy ARTH 4973
Spring 2011
Joan Phillips, Instructor
This class is designed to push students with no
art background to be expressive, learn a new
media, think about their own art process and to
relate these experiences to the approach in art
therapy known as “studio art therapy”. This
approach emphasizes exploration, a supportive
and non-judgemental atmosphere, and the
focus on the art process itself and less on the
symbolic meaning in art. No one in this class is
an art major or has any formal training in art.
As an artist my goal is to always put everything I have into my work. My love
is mostly with photography and the process of making a photograph and the
manipulated meaning that can be transcribed by a photographer straddling
the line between reality and fantasy. Such as liquid emulsion. Placing an
image on a surface it doesn't belong can change the meaning of the
photograph itself, because now there is an implication through the medium
being printed on. My goal as an artist is to become involved in the process of
my work and continually create, but also to help people along the way. My
passion for photography stretches to teaching others how to do it as well. I
think it is a brilliant way for people to create their own realities using "real"
things. We have all looked at something and wished to capture it in a certain
way and reveal it to others, not just the way it is, but the way we see it. My
decisions through photography are to help show others the beauty I see in
things and help them see that beauty too
Joseph Fletcher
I was inspired to paint this painting from a short
story called "The Queen of Spades" written by a
famous 19th Century Russian writer named
Alexander Pushkin. This short story enlightened
me on the importance of love and the dangers of
greed. I feel like this story will help me in life. I
painted a watch to symbolize my patience until
graduation and a martini glass to celebrate my
graduation in May 2011.
Jason Stinehart
XV Broken and Burned
It is important for me to say that when I think of discussing how I
chose my art therapy project or the medium used, I honestly feel
that it chose me. I really like how it turned out. It’s raw, askew,
imperfect, burned, broken, destroyed. It’s true how it all just sort
of comes out of you while you are creating art as therapy. Once
again I am reminded of the power of this concept.
Brandi Mills
This piece came to me in the very beginning, when I first
brainstormed for ideas for this class. Again, it is a very personal
project and represents the darkest time period of my life. The
middle frame couldn’t have been more appropriate for my
feelings. The final image in the series is a rough red heart that I
painted on one of the black glitter pages. In the end, I guess they
represent the three stages of what I’m going through: first of
being broken, beaten down and needing to be put back together
again; next is just pure unabashed anger and finally the process
of healing, and for me, learning to love oneself again.
Brandi Mills
The inspiration behind this piece of acrylic work came from
nature. Nature is a wonderful and inspiring part of our world in
which artists can draw inspiration from at all times. I am
enthused as I look outside and see what God has placed before
us on this earth. Colors blooming in every direction with
eagerness and zeal for all to see.
Taylor Brandwein
(Button Box)
I wanted to create something that had a past and a
future. I collected buttons that my mother and
grandmother had used other the years. I decided to
put all different kinds of buttons on the box. I wanted
to think that each button told its very own story.
After finishing it I decided I would call it the “Memory
Box” because when I looked at it I have all of these
great memories of my family and it is some I can pass
down to my children one day.
Bridgette Lile
To create art, I need inspiration and to get inspiration, I usually
look at the world around me. This can be by taking a walk
outside or flipping through a magazine. Before I start any project,
I go through this ritual, and it helps expand my view of
everything around me. As far as choices go, I enjoy mosaics
because this involves my joy of looking through magazines and
other publications. I look for images of things that I like or that I
would enjoy, tear them out and put them all together to form
the perfect collage. I prefer hues of red, orange, yellow and
green to include in my art projects. Those represent “happy
colors.” I don’t always have to flip through magazines, though, to
get inspiration. Sometimes, it comes from just closing my eyes
and thinking about what makes me happy.
Bryan Dugan
I think my artistic drive and viewpoint is aesthetics in
general. I love making and seeing beautiful things. My
inner interior decorator is a main reason for my art. I
usually make my art because it is something that I want
in my home and I want it to be original.
Brittany “Birdie” Smith