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4-H Trivia

Test your 4-H knowledge

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• What is the 4-H motto?

To make the best better

• What is the project area involving the most youth in the U.S.?

Animal Science

• National 4-H week is held during this month.


• The 4-H Slogan is…

Learn by Doing

• The 4-H program in

Massachusetts is open to all boys and girls in this age range.

5-18 years of age as of January 1 st of the current 4-H program year

• 4-H originally had only three H’s. In 1911 the 4 th

H was added. Which one was it?


• Why was the clover picked to represent the 4-H program?

The clover was picked because they restore the nitrogen into the soil and make for a good corn crop year after year.

• The national register of Historic

Monuments recognizes the

Goldenrod School as the birthplace of 4-H.

What state is the

Goldenrod School in?


• Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Herschel

Walker all have this in common.

They are 4-H alumni

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