Learning Targets

Learning Targets
• I can make inferences to deepen my
understanding of Inside Out & Back Again.
• I can cite evidence from the novel to explain how
incidents reveal aspects of Ha’s character.
• I can explain how specific word choices in the
poem “Papaya Tree” create tone and help reveal
• I can participate in discussions about the text
with a partner, small group, and the whole class.
Text Dependent Questions #2,3,4
M1 U1 L4 “Papaya Tree”
2. On pages 8 and 9, stanzas4-6, we notice that the
first blossom is spotted by the youngest, the
small fruit by the middle brother, and Ha wants
to see the ripened fruit before her oldest
brother sees it.
3. Vows – may have heard in “church vows” –
stronger than a promise – a particularly strong
or serious promise. In “1975: Year of the Cat”
Ha wanted to be the first to touch the floor. Her
mother wanted the oldest son to “rise first to
bless our house.”
4. I can infer that Ha is competitive, jealous, or a
fighter, etc. She competes with her brothers
and shows determination. Words like “vows,”
shows her strength in her wants and needs.