How significant was the role of the Okhrana in

How significant was the role of the
Okhrana in maintaining the
authority of the Tsarist state in the
years before 1905?
• Set context – define ‘Tsarist State’ – mention
Nicholas II was the latest in a long line of
• Explain concept of autocracy.
• Explain briefly what the Okhrana was and how
it was one of the four pillars and that
weaknesses of opposition groups helped
maintain Tsar authority.
• Explain what your essay will do.
• Begin with Okhrana, explain the role of each of
the pillars in helping maintain Tsarist authority.
Explore necessity of these pillars working
together to help suppress opposition.
• Second half of essay should involve an
assessment of weaknesses of the opposition
groups – mention the main three, their differeing
aims and how their working together to oppose
the authority of the Tsar difficult.
• Summarise your points and directly answer
the question.
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