Parts 2 & 3 Discussion

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Discussion: Parts 2 and 3
“I walk to my room, put Feather in her crib, which pisses
her off and makes her scream, and then I look around my
room and miss me,” (Johnson 36).
 Why is Feather angry?
 What does Bobby mean?
“Shit! People in this school talk too much. Everybody’s always
got so much to say, and never really says anything that’s worth
talking about,” (44).
 What are the consequences of rumors?
 How does this relate to Burke?
“The only way to change something is to pay attention to the
signs. But K-Boy says it doesn’t matter what you do, what’s
gonna go down is already set. Try to change something—be
damned. Don’t try to change it—be damned just as much,”
 What do you believe? Is your life predetermined or do your
choices matter?
“I climb the stairs and think about holding her, or maybe I’m
really thinking about just holding on to her,” (75).
 What is the difference?
 Which do you think it is and why?
“Afterward I always kiss her, my baby, and look into her clear
eyes that know everything about me and want me to be her
daddy anyway,” (82).
 What is Bobby learning?
 What is Bobby to Feather? Feather to Bobby?
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