PowerPoint Presentation - Health and Social Care

Anorexia Nervosa
Psychological Factors
Lesson 2
Learning Objective
 Understand 3 treatments that are used for anorexia
through presentations
 Know the psychological factors that explain anorexia
 Know some of the evaluation and IDA points for this
5 mins
 Review from last time - The Diagnostic and statistical
manual of mental disorder (DSM) lists four criteria for
 Can you name all 4?
DSM-IV-TR classification
5 mins
 The Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder (DSM)
lists four criteria for anorexia
 Anxiety – A person with Anorexia has an excessive fear being fat
and gaining weight.
 Weight – drops below 85% of the individuals normal weight
based on height and age. Unusual eating habit develop such as
avoiding food and meals. Regular weight checking and
engagement in weight control methods like exercise.
 Body-image distortion – Anorexics don’t see how thin they
become and deny there is a problem with weight. Perception of
being fat and thiness is vital to self esteem.
 Amnorrhoea – The absence of periods for more than 3 months.
Different explanations
 In pairs prepare a presentation on flip chart
 You must prepare a way of assessing what the audience
know so create questions in test form for students to
answer after the presentation.
Cultural ideals and
media influences
Ethnicity and peer
 Real world application – The fashion industry has
recognised this is an issue and some have made steps to
 Ethnical issues in research – Online communities are
sources of data for research. But this raises questions
about ethnics
 Have a look online for some of the following examples of
the above:
 Dove self esteem programme
 Online communities/forums.
Plenary –
5 mins
 Feedback from your research.
Next lesson – Biological