Visiting Hour

Visiting Hour
• Learning Intention: To become familiar with
an unknown poem.
Success Criteria
• Put the poem together
• Discuss the poem
• Answer a series of comprehension questions
Stanzas 1-3
1. Where is this poem set?
2. What are the connotations (the implied
meaning) of green and yellow?
3. Why does the poet use the word “corpse”?
4. What is the effect of the word “vanishes”?
5. What does the word “heavenward” suggest?
6. Why does the poet repeat the expression “I
will not feel” throughout the third stanza?
Stanzas 4-5
7. How do you think the poet feels about the
nurses? Explain why.
8.Which word is repeated throughout the fourth
9.Why does the poet use a minor sentence (a
sentence which does not contain a verb) to
begin stanza 5?
10.There are three metaphors in stanza five can
you identify and explain them?
Stanza 6
• Which two figures could the patient be smiling
• From whose point of view are we seeing
things in this stanza?
• Who do you think is “growing fainter” in this
• How do you think the poet is feeling by the
end of the poem?