Minoan and Mycenaean Ppt

Early Civilizations in
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The Impact of Geography
• Geography played huge role in development of Greek civilizations
• Mountains
• Separated small communities from one another
• Caused communities to form own ways of life
• Small size encouraged participation in political life
• Caused rivalry between communities
• Led to warfare
• Seas
• Provided harbors for trading
• Became seafarers
• Explored other areas
• Established colonies, spread Greek civilization
• 2700-1450 B.C.-Established on island of Crete
• NOT GREEK, but influenced peoples of the Greek mainland
• Enormous palace complex at Knossos
Royal seat of kings
Included private living rooms for royal family
Workshops for making decorated vases, ivory figurines, jewelry
Bathrooms had elaborate drains
Rooms decorated with brightly colored paintings sporting events and nature scenes
Storerooms held gigantic jars oil, wine, and grain Minoans paid as taxes to king
• Sea empire based on trade
• Ships went to Egypt and southern Greece
• Traded pottery, gold, and silver jewelry
• Collapsed suddenly 1450 B.C.
• Some historians believe tidal wave triggered by powerful volcanic eruption on island of
• Most historians believe it was invasion by mainland Greeks known as Mycenaeans
• First Greek state
• Flourished between 1600 and 1100 B.C.
• Government made up of powerful monarchies
• Each lived in fortified palace centers
Built on hills
Surrounded by gigantic stone walls
• Formed loose alliance of independent states
• Civilians lived scattered outside walls
• Warrior people prided themselves on heroic deeds in battle
• Invaded Crete and other Aegean islands
• 1100 B.C. Mycenaean civilization collapsed
• States fought one another
• Major earthquakes caused widespread damage
• New waves of Greek-speaking invaders moved into Greece from North
Exit Ticket
• On your Exit Ticket slip, choose ONE of the following questions to answer:
1. List 2 things you learned about the Minoans
2. List 2 things you learned about the Mycenaeans
3. What is similar about the way that the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations
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