Part One
What is Propaganda?
• Method or approach to spread ideas that further a cause, such as political,
commercial, or religious
• There are many types of propaganda, but 7 main types
7 Types of Propaganda
1. Name Calling
2. Glittering Generalities
3. Transfer
4. Testimonial
5. Plain Folk
6. Card Stacking
7. Bandwagon
Name Calling
• Saying bad things about your competitor
• The name calling links the person or idea to a negative symbol
• Negative words
• Example: Joel is a dictator during group work, never letting others share their ideas.
The word “dictator” is a negative term labelling Joel.
• Obamacare is an un-American form of healthcare! The word “un-American” would be
offensive to Obama and is considered calling him a “bad” name.
Name Calling Example
• Why are these examples of
Name Calling?
• What can you guess about
Ann Coulter?
Glittering Generalities
• Using words that appeal to our emotions, such as love, generosity,
brotherhood, freedom, honor, liberty, social justice, etc.
• Emotion words that are linked to a person or product
• Positive words
Glittering Generalities Example
• Appealing words “things go better” gives positive feelings about the product
Glittering Generalities Example #2
• John McCain ran for president against President Obama.
• What does this picture show you?
• What do the words make you think/feel?
• Using good feelings, looks or ideas conveyed to the person whom the
product is for
• Positive images
Transfer Examples
• Using a famous person to recommend a person, product or idea
• “I want to use this (or do this) because this famous person is using this!!!”
Testimonial Examples
Plain Folk
• Trying to show that a person or product is good for “ordinary” people,
because a person is “just like you” and understands you
• “This person is JUST LIKE ME so I should listen to him and use this
Plain Folk Examples
Card Stacking
• Card stacking persuades people by giving false facts, rearranging facts, or
withholding the real facts to alter the truth.
Card Stacking Examples
• Persuading people to do something by letting them know others are doing it.
• “Everyone else is doing it”
• “It could work for you too”
Bandwagon Examples
• Find one example online of each type of propaganda: You may copy and
paste each to a Word document. Write a sentence under each photo
explaining the propaganda.