By: Stefan Cannon & Charles
The problem about limiting immigration is
that immigrants come from other countries
and they come here. I know that the
constitution talks about all men are
created equally and they should live in life
liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
 With a lot of immigrants coming in searching
for happiness, they legal people are losing
there happiness.
 The people are losing there happiness
because the immigrants are coming in and
taking all the jobs and that’s leaving fewer
jobs for the people that’s already in the
united states.
Dear President Obama, and the legislative branch,
are addressing immigration in America today. What we are addressing is limiting
immigration because I know that the united states are becoming very crowded and we
are in are maybe we are leaving a recession but the citizens here and have been here
and were born in America are losing there homes and jobs.
So what I think you should do and I am not telling you how to do your job, I'm just trying to bring an
idea to your head that limiting immigration yearly would be a good start in kicking this recession
out of the united states.
When immigrants come into a nation, they usually do so to look for better opportunities. And it is not
necessary that they'll always get what they are looking for. In certain cases when this does not
happen, frustrated immigrants take to crimes like terrorism and kidnapping. This leads to
general unrest in society and an increase in crime rate. Along with that there is are increased
incidents of sex crimes like molestation, sex slavery and rapes.
Legal immigrants are screened before they are allowed into another country but there is no scope
to do the same for illegal immigrants and therefore there are chances that they might carry
with them diseases like malaria, dengue and hepatitis A and E.
There are several other illegal immigration problems that can be seen, like inadequate waste
disposal, document fraud, lesser jobs, increased taxes, petty thefts, general unrest and anger
towards particular groups in society
Me and my partner would like to thank you for reading our proposal and to take
this idea into consideration.
Stefan cannon & Charles Hopkins.
We sent this to president Obama
and the legislative branch
because we know that president
Obama is working on immigration,
but we also sent this the
legislative branch because
president obama doesn’t make the
law he just carries it out but the
legislative branch makes the law.