Ancient Ghana

Awesome Ancients
October 2012-Issue 1Ancient Ghana
Ancient Ghana began
around 300- 400 C.E.,
was founded by 800
C.E., they were one of
the most powerful
empires between
1000-1070 C.E. And
they were destroyed
between 1230 and
1235 C.E.
Religion: Muslin and
Location: Western Africa,
400 miles north west of
present day Ghana
Land Mass: 1600 kms.
Quick Facts:
Kingship passed:
Maternally (king was
king’s sister’s son)
Trades: gold, ivory, salt,
slaves, horses, cloth,
swords, books , kola
Conquered by: Mali
Capital: Kumbi Saleh
Famous Ghanaians:
Anansi the spider, griots
Awesome Ancients
October 2012-Issue 1Ancient Ghana
History in relation to
government: The Empire
of Ghana was lead by a
king. The king had
animalistic beliefs, but
most of his ministers
were Muslim. He had
ministers who were the
commander of the navy,
the commander in chief
of the military, the
minister of taxation, the
minister in charge of
property, ministers in
charge of forests, and
the minister in charge of
Each day the king
gathered with the
people to hear their
complaints, including
criminal accusations.
History in relation to
criminal justice system:
They believed in trial by
ordeal. This means that
they would give the
accused a drink that was
a mix of water and sour
wood . The accused
would drink it and if they
vomited it up they were
considered not guilty.
Ancient Ghana was a
civilization. They had all
the 5 traits (grow cities,
specialized workers,
writing, advanced
technology, organized
Awesome Ancients
October 2012-Issue 1Ancient Ghana
Civilization? (continued)
They grew cities through
growing their empire, they
had specialized workers like
griots and artists, they had
advanced technology
because they defiantly had
the advanced knowledge of
trade relations, I'm sure
they used writing
somewhere since the
alphabet had already been
invented and they had a
very organized government.
Dynamic Relationship: The
people were dependant on
the king for guidance, while
the king was dependant on
them for their resources
(workers). While they were
all dependant on the
traders because without
them they would have no
one to trade with as well as
no tariffs paid to them, the
traders were dependant on
them for safety and
Similar to ancient Asian
The empire was similar to the
Assyrian empire because they
had the strength of an army.
They were like the Persian
empire because they left the
people in their land with
their leaders. They were like
the Sumerians because they
were ruled by a king. They
were different from everyone
because they figured out
how to get rich off of trading.
Awesome Ancients
October 2012-Issue 1Ancient Ghana
While you’re there see if you
can go to a meeting with the
griots and hear their stories
of the past. There are a few
famous Ghanaians to ask
about while you’re there,
they are Anansi the spider
and Bida. Also ride a camel!
When in Ancient Ghana I
would recommend seeing the
gold mines. But don’t miss out
on all the amazing art to see.
The people of ancient Ghana
were well known for their mud
cloth. This was made by hand
and sun dried. Also see the
Trans-Saharan Trade Route to
learn more about their trade
Awesome Ancients
October 2012-Issue 1Ancient Ghana
Ancient Ghana is a
beautiful place with a
high level of security.
They have a large army
and like to be known as
a safe place so you will
be relatively safe.
Two adults can fly
from Minneapolis
for only $2071
Cad.! (per person)
Since you are going to
Africa of course take all
the necessary steps to
protect your security.