Learning Intentions - Learning is the Work


Learning Intentions

‘A learning intention describes what pupils should know, understand or be able to

do by the end of the lesson or series of lessons.’

(Learning Unlimited, 2004)

What is a Learning


Learning Intentions:

• Identify new learning

• Focus on transferable skills

• What you are planning that the learners will learn in the lesson or series of lessons.

Learning Intentions should be -

• Expressed in simple language that every pupil can understand.

• Focused in nature.

• Composed using words that are closely related to learning e.g. Understand that, know how to etc.

• Directly linked to the Success Criteria.

Learning Intention: Key


• extend/extending broaden/broadening

• develop/developing strengthen

• consolidate/consolidating reinforce

• revise/revising examine

• explore/exploring consider

• Investigate/investigating apply

• expand/expanding

Learning Intentions may be written as follows:

• We are learning to…..or about….

• To know that….

• To understand and explain…

• To share and discuss….

• Today we will be able to…

Some Examples of Learning


• We are learning to order written numerals.

• To investigate the distribution of an economic activity.

• We will be able to present a written reasoned argument including ‘for’ and

‘against’ positions.

• Today we will be able to carry out calculations involving the relationship between unbalanced force, mass and acceleration in situations where resolution of forces is not required.


What would the learning intention be?

Defining the Learning Intention

Learning Intention: We are learning to take turns.

Activity: Game of snap.

Context: The game.

Early Level Example