11_19_20 Gas Law Review

Unit 5: Gases – Review Session
11.19 & 20 Ms. Boon Chemistry
•I can use the gas laws to
solve gas law problems and
explain the physical
properties of gases.
Liquid Nitrogen Demo
Gas Law Stations
• Can you use the gas
laws to open a bag of
hot cheeto’s without
using your hands?
(Hint: think about
changes in pressure.)
HW: Complete all Gas Law
Unit Worksheets.
Liquid Nitrogen Demo
• Background: Liquid Nitrogen is very cold.
• Focus Question: What gas law is demonstrated
in the video? Explain.
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvrJgGhnm
Gas Law Stations Review
• Station 1 (Door): Gases Memory Game – work with
a partner. Instructions are at the table.
• Station 2: Gas Law Poster Practice – Get up and
walk around. Complete 10 gas law problems from
the posters.
• Station 3 (lion): Gas Law Problem Sort – work with
a partner. Sort the problems onto the game board
according to the gas law you would use to solve.
• Station 4: Reading/Independent Study – Choose an
article to read or continue working on your gas laws
notes packets.
Exit Slip
1. 2 Liters of a gas at STP is expanded to 4 Liters and
273 K. What is the final pressure?
2. A balloon at 546 K, 4L, and 2 atm is cooled down
to STP. Find the final volume.
3. What is standard temperature and pressure
expressed in Kelvin and atmospheres?
4. What is temperature?
5. What is the relationship between volume and
pressure? What is the name of the gas law that
represents this relationship?
Each table is a team.
Write your answer on the white board.
If your table gets the question incorrect, your table
loses points.
• If your table gets the question incorrect, you can
choose the table to pass the question to.
• Review video: