What`s In Your Wallet - Life Changing Ministries International

What Does Your Heart
Look Like…
Wallet – a place/pouch/bag to carry things in and
sometimes have compartments
British definition – a bag or something to carry
things for a journey
What is in your pouch that you are carrying on
this journey? What you are carrying determines
where you will end…
Treasure Chest…
Heaven or Earth – Matthew 6:19-21
Check Your Heart…
Desires – Jeremiah 17:9, Psalm 44:2, Ezekiel 11:19
Out of your heart – Matthew 12:34-35, 15:18-19,
Mark 7:21, Luke 6:45
Heart like “mine” – John 7:38, Romans 5:5, 2
Corinthians 4:6, Galatians 4:6, 2 Timothy 2:22