Subhub Teacher Training Benefits

 Absences
can be created on the phone, online
and via mobile 24/7
 Post absences online on their Aesop home
 From the web- up to 1 year in advance
 Use the phone to call in absences to
Aesop toll-free 1-800 942-3767
 From the phone- up to 30 days in advance
 Mobile site:
 Subhub
is a Substitute Placement and
Absence Management system.
 For busy teachers, absences can happen
suddenly, leaving little time to communicate
with the district.
 Through web and phone-based technologies,
Aesop allows teachers to conveniently
communicate with the district.
 Logging
in to Aesop
 Employee Home Page
 Creating an absence
 Viewing and editing Personal Information
 Changing a PIN
 Where to find Help resources
 Create
Absence, Advanced Mode
 Assigning a substitute to an absence
 Cancelling absences
 Approval status
 Absence history
 Attaching Absence Files
 Absence Reason Balances
 Substitute Directory
 Employee’s
can create absences and more from
their smart phone!
 Teachers
please read your Welcome Letter
since it contains your ID and PIN.
 Absence Cutoff time- The latest time an
employee can create a same day absence on
their own is an hour before their start time.
 Absence cancellation- The latest time an
employee can cancel a same day absence will
be an hour and a half before their start time.
 The person to contact when you have a last
minute absence past your cutoff time will be
your school administrator or your secretary.
 Please
remember that although an absence has
been submitted, you have to wait for your
confirmation that it has been approved.
 Submit your feedback on the substitute teacher
on Aesop that filled in for the day you were out.
This feedback will be used by Region One ESC,
please make sure to submit your feedback.
 When using a professional development,
workshop, or work related day, please indicate
on notes to administrator what the event is.
( Example: Region One Training)