Fashion Zeitgeist

The spirit of the times
ZEITGEIST definition:
• the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or
Fashion Zeitgeist
• The circumstances that influence culture in a specific time
and place also influence fashion.
Nystrom’sFramework for Observing
the Zeitgeist
• Attempted to list factors that guide & influence the
character and direction of fashion
• Dominating events
• Dominating Ideas
• Dominating Social Groups
• Dominating Attitude
• Dominating Technology
Dominating events:
Significant occurences= war,
death, world fairs, academy awards...
Art Vogues = Russian ballet
Accidental events =
discovery of king tut’s tomb
Dominating Ideas
• Patriotism, Greek ideal or classic beauty, multiculturalism,
environmentalism, gender equality, etc.
Dominating Social Groups
• Those with wealth, power & leadership positions -
celebrities fall into this category
Dominating Attitude
• attitude of the times
eg. eras of differentiation v. conformity
(20’s & 60’s v. 30’s, 50’s & 90’s)
Dominating Technology
• technology imprints:
including production methods and materials
infiltrating our daily lives
• Work with a partner to decide the prevailing influences on
fashion one of the decades of the 20th century. Think
about the general mood of the time and the events that
influenced it. Keep detailed notes and be prepared to
share your findings with the class.
Consider the Zeitgeist
• Consider what you discovered when you completed you
Consumer Scan and your Fashion Scan. What did you
learn about the current zeitgeist?
• What you think is currently influencing culture?
• How can you see this in fashion?
• Be prepared to discuss this with the class.