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System Implementation and Monitoring
Regional Session
Winter, 2014
Agenda Day 1
Day 1 of Winter SIM is a monitoring experience
• Purpose of SIM, What you told us
• Student Voice
• Monitoring Through Implementation
• Monitoring Moment
• Cross-board, role-alike sharing
K-12 SIM Is … Is Not
SIM Is Not
An opportunity to connect the work and
understand the impact/influence it has in
classrooms, schools, and the system.
A session where participants get practical ideas
for use in a classroom.
System Implementation and Monitoring of the
Board Improvement Plan for Student
Focused on developing specific subject content
nor instructional strategies.
Focused on the implementation and monitoring
work of Supervisory Officers and their teams
(elementary and secondary principals, system
staff, teachers).
An opportunity to build collective knowledge
and make decisions as a team.
You told us …
For Winter K-12 SIM you requested:
• Growth mindsets, grit, resilience
• Cross-board, like-role sharing
• Monitoring: what are other boards monitoring and
how are they doing it
• Time for discussion
• Articles and videos
• Grade 9 applied strategies
• Interventions in mathematics
• Descriptive feedback as part of monitoring
• Use of qualitative data
• Inquire and co-learn about implementation and
monitoring of your plan within your learning team
• Build and mobilize knowledge through outside and
in-the-room thinking
• Build our capacity to monitor our progress and impact
• Consider how educator and student mind-sets influence
our actions
• Support coherence building by connecting the work of
the province and district with the schools
Video – Student Voice
“The power of positive teacher-student relationships is critical
for learning to occur.”
p. 25 SEF
Team Conversation
• How is this example of student voice evidence and
how can it be used as part of the monitoring process?
• In your role, how are you paying attention to student
voice and how is it informing your work?
“The single biggest factor in whether students try or give up, leave
or stay is their sense that somebody in the school knows who they are
and cares about what happens to them”
Steven Katz Monitoring
Engage in collective learning around challenges of practice so
that understanding of those challenges grows deeper. Through
investigation proposed solutions emerge that are then
tested/monitored to see if they help. We want to see evidence
of a permanent change in thinking and behaviour.
Team Time
Complete the Monitoring Moment chart in preparation for
sharing this afternoon.
Please use dark markers so that your work can easily be
read by the other teams who will be visiting your chart.
Decide which member of your team will stay with your
chart to briefly share important learnings and to answer
Gallery Walk as a Team
• As a team move from chart to chart adding
suggestions, questions or comments.
• In preparation for discussions this afternoon please
take note of your discoveries, wonderings and
Lunch 12:00-12:45
Cross-Board Like-Role Conversations
Supervisory Officers –
Principals/VPsSystem Program Support StaffClassroom Teachers-
Take Monitoring Moment worksheet + your notes re
discoveries, wonderings and questions to your break-out
Questions to Consider
• What is the connection between what you heard and what
you are doing?
• What are the implications for your role in the monitoring
and implementation of your plan?
• How are you involving all of your stakeholders?
- Whose voice is missing?
- How might you invite them into the discussion and
• What are your next steps in preparation for the Spring
SIM session?
Team De-Brief
• Share learning from break-outs
• Add to your Monitoring Moment chart