- Pete Houston

Pete Houston
Coders tend to make many meaningless stuffs
in programming nowadays
• Name for variables, methods, classes….
doesn’t give any idea to others.
• Trash line of codes, like drafting/prototyping
some lines but forget to remove and still use
them for production.
• A awesome “Copy-Cat”, just look around
Google, pick up some implementable source,
and use it for production.
• No comments.
Improvement, Patch,
Optimization, Errors,
Bugs, …. oh I’m totally
It’s very common.
So what if something goes wrong in your application?
What will you do to find the root cause?
What can they usually be?
• No “try-catch-finally” to catch Exception.
• Never check for “NULL” objects.
• No operational / functional logging.
Frankly, less programmers think about “Version Compatibility”.
Android API Level X
Android API Level Y
What are they usually be?
• Packages / Classes / Methods / Fields / Contants REMOVED.
• Packages / Classes / Methods / Fields / Contants CHANGED.
• Framework resources REMOVED / CHANGED.
• Deprecation, still being able to use but not suggested due to some reasons, like:
unstable, security, unexpected error-traps,…
Boss: You need to write an application for me, and here you are, test it on this device.
Programmer: Alright, sir!
And he just writes application for the given device only!!!
If you want to survive in Mobile Application Market, make your app’s customization
(UI, screen size, fonts, functionality…) to be able to distributed in many devices as
“More devices running your App – More $ you get”
Programmers are likely to make application
hard to use for users.
They are not users, and they can’t identify
what is wrong with final production.
They think it’s better to use this way, while
commerce says NOT.
> Always to have a user-experience analysis
to conduct the best UI for user interactions.
Have you ever thought of your application likely killing device battery?
Think of it, battery is one of the most important thing
that makes mobile device useful.
And if your application consumes battery like damned
free, you’re done; nobody will ever use your
application, you’d likely to achieve very nice
In mobile device, memory is limited to each and every
Most Android coders think: “Java Garbage Collector will
handle it!”.
That’s so wrong!!!
Ever heard of OOM (abbr. of “Out-Of-Memory”)?
If not, Google it to learn about Android memory management
before your application goes wrong.
Learn from Experiences,
Learn to Improve,
Learn for Successes!
Hope you make successful Android applications!
Thank you and cheers,
Pete Houston