Negation Strategy - Renton School District

LT: I can define something by what it is not to illustrate my
understanding of the negation strategy
 Get out your Springboard books
 Title your next open notes pages: Definition by negation
 Add this page number to the Negation vocab word in your glossary
 Review: Create a parenthetical citation for today’s reading:
 “A definition of a Gentleman” by John Henry Newman on pg. 78 and 79
 Answer: (Newman 78-79).
I will need 3 volunteers. One by one, you will be coming up,
selecting a slip of paper and use the negation strategy to
help the class guess your item/concept
 Look for words like (never, doesn’t, seldom, won’t, etc.)
 Now go through a 2nd time… any standard definition of a gentleman, mark in one
color and any definition by negation, mark in another.
Discuss and be ready to share (with evidence!)
 Respond to the following prompt:
 In your journals, write about what heroism is not. Use the
negation strategy to distinguish what heroism is from
what it is not. Be sure to:
 Begin with a topic sentence that answers the prompt
 Provide evidence (from real life) and reasoning to explain your
 Use transitions to create coherence
 HW if you do not finish